DMAA Infused Workout Supplement Can Cause Serious Medical Side Effects

July 2, 2013 Drug Injury

A DMAA-infused workout supplement poses several dangers to a person’s heart and brain. These products are believed to have caused the deaths of two U.S. Army soldiers and Claire Squires, a marathon runner. The active ingredient in these substances, dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA or methylhexanamine, is a known vasoconstrictor. In other words, it narrows blood vessels in the body, increasing blood pressure to a dangerous level. With any DMAA containing workout supplement, the side effects may include heart attack, stroke or brain hemorrhaging.

Dmaa Side Effects

Although workout supplement dangers are common, especially among DMAA products, they are not approved by the FDA before use. Instead, they can be sold directly to consumer without being regulated. The FDA cannot investigate their safety until consumers purchase and use the item. Since its introduction, DMAA has been implicated in the deaths of at least five people. The workout supplement side effects appeared similar to those caused by amphetamines. This includes heart palpitations, heat stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, cardiac arrest, fainting and seizures.

In April, the FDA announced that further marketing and sale of the drug would be illegal from now on. The agency made the decision after reviewing 86 reports of people inflicted by major complications involving the substance. This only reflects the number of people who voluntarily reported their condition, so there are probably many more who have taken the dietary aid and experienced similar symptoms.

Because these workout supplement dangers can result in permanent debilitations or even death, many victims are considering seeking restitution for their suffering. In the months following the FDA’s decision, many victims will likely file a claim against DMAA sellers and manufacturers. A drug injury lawyer can help a victim determine whether or not they have a strong enough case to file suit.


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