Testimonials & Reviews: What Others Say About Their Experience With Our Firm

Auto Accidents

Jasai, Actual Client

“Calling Terry Bryant was just weight lifted off our shoulders. From then on, they took care of everything.” ~ Jasai

Cam, Actual Client

“Being a client of Terry Bryant made me feel very comfortable, very relaxed. I didn’t have to worry about anything.” ~ Cam

Thelma, Actual Client

“I called Terry Bryant because I didn’t think it was fair what I was going through, and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to take care of my family.” ~ Thelma

Karen, Actual Client

“I was walking across the street and a car did not see me, and they hit me. I knew something was wrong with my knee… I knew that I wouldn’t be able to deal with the insurance company by myself and needed to hire Terry Bryant.” ~ Karen

Frank, Actual Client

“I braced myself real good and grasped onto the steering wheel and got ready to have a head-on collision… I didn’t seek any medical attention at the scene of the accident because I felt fine, probably because of the adrenaline rush… The insurance company wanted to do only what they had to in order to take care of the car… Seeing Terry Bryant’s commercial, I had a real good gut-feeling that he was the one I needed to call, so I did. It was a great relief. They handled everything… If I had a question, I just called them, and they took care of it… Of course I’d recommend Terry Bryant because he’s done me a great job.” ~ Frank

Misty, Actual Client

“I was sitting at a red light. A car hit me from behind going about 65 miles per hour… Terry Bryant definitely went to bat for me, and they took the burden off my shoulders, and I didn’t have to worry about anything but getting myself better.” ~ Misty

Javel, Actual Client

“When I called Terry Bryant, the attorney came straight over within an hour or two. When the attorney actually comes to your house and not the case worker, it means a lot. It means they really want to spend time with you trying to get everything you deserve… I would recommend Terry Bryant because they got one-on-one consultation. If you ask them to call you, they’ll call you right then and there.” ~ Javel

Sylvia, Actual Client

“The reason we contacted Terry Bryant’s office was because a family member referred us, and we had also had another case handled in the past through them that turned out great. It was a great experience. Everybody was very friendly and very polite, and you just felt that they wanted to help you… After the case was settled, we were able to pay for all of our medical bills, car repair and also compensation for our suffering. We were able to move on and put this whole case behind us.” ~ Sylvia

Helen, Actual Client

“I think what it’s taught me – working at Terry Bryant – my coworkers are very compassionate, very understanding. You’re not just another person on the phone. They try to assist in every possible way.” ~ Helen

Work Injuries

Wayne, Actual Client

“Terry Bryant Law Firm makes me feel like family. They do what they say they’re going to do. They’re always in my corner.” ~ Wayne

Frances, Actual Client

“It wasn’t about the money. It was about needing help… Calling Terry Bryant allowed us to have peace and to be able to mourn… We called Terry Bryant because we wanted to have that voice. We wanted to have somebody that was going to speak for us, defend us and just handle everything so that we could have peace.” ~ France

Michelle, Actual Client

“I was working as a delivery driver. A 400-pound basket fell off the back of my truck and struck me in the head and went into my brain… My husband actually googled the best injury attorneys in the city of Houston, and Terry Bryant popped up with the most stars. They made it very easy for me to get help that I desperately needed. I would recommend Terry Bryant because they took the time to help me, and they showed compassion… There was no way that I would have been able to do any of this without help from Terry Bryant.” ~ Michelle

Jose, Actual Client

“I was injured in an welding company… I knew I needed an attorney when the insurance company kept pressing me about signing paperwork. I didn’t know what I was signing. I told them to give me time, and they wouldn’t understand. I just felt that I had to call Terry Bryant… I called him. And after that, all that harassment has stopped. Their hope was for me to get better, be able to be normal again. So, I thank God that he was on my side and able to help me out because I knew that I was going to get the right legal representation.” ~ Jose

Rafael, Actual Client

“I was in the hospital for a whole month. The amount that was burned, according to the surgeons, was about 50 to 55% of my body… What made me call Terry Bryant was that he was a former judge. In Houston, he does have a really good reputation. They’re a really good law firm. They treat you like family. My advice to anybody that’s injured right now, whether it’s work-related or even an automobile accident: Go ahead and just call Terry Bryant.” ~ Rafael

wrongful death

Ray, Actual Client

“If you’re seeking justice for a wrongdoing, you want a good, reliable, strong lawyer, and that’s Terry Bryant. I don’t think I could have got a better lawyer.” ~ Ray

“The day that I called, since I didn’t have a car to get to the office, they came to me. They made it easy with my paperwork. Terry Bryant really just wanted me to focus on getting better and he could take care of all of my problems.” ~ Marquita C., Actual Client

“They were mainly concerned about my well-being, and pushing me to see the doctors, and making sure I was keeping up with the physical therapy. They most definitely treated me with respect and I would recommend them—Terry Bryant.” ~ Quentin B., Actual Client

“The staff was very professional. I felt like their main concern was me getting better. I didn’t have to take care of my bills. I didn’t have to take care of calling the insurance company. They took care of everything.” ~ Debra G., Actual Client

Ray“I felt more like family than a client because they work so closely with us. Terry and his staff worked with me and were in communication with me constantly, keeping me abreast. I could call at any time, I could visit at any time, and their office and phone was always open to me and my family.” ~ Ray M., Actual Client

Attorney Terry Bryant

Attorney Terry BryantTerry Bryant is Board Certified in personal injury trial law, which means his extensive knowledge of the law has been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, setting him apart from many other injury attorneys. The 22 years he spent as a Municipal Judge, Spring Valley Village, TX also provides him keen insight into the Texas court system. That experience also helps shape his perspective on personal injury cases and how they might resolve. This unique insight benefits his clients. [ Attorney Bio ]