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distracted driving accident

As Texans know, texting while driving is illegal in the state. The law that bans texting, emailing, or any electronic messaging while operating a motor vehicle was passed by the state legislature in 2017.   Drivers in many areas of the state can still use hand-held cell phones to talk while driving, but that may be […]

18 Years Without a Deathless Day on Texas Roads

The last fatality-free day on Texas roadways was November 7, 2000. To put into perspective how long ago that was, consider that George W. Bush was elected to his first term as U.S. president on that day. In the more than 18 years since, over 66,000 lives have been lost in motor vehicle accidents in […]

New Years Eve Party

In just a few days, people across Texas will be out in force, celebrating the coming year. As is typical of New Year’s Eve celebrations, many will involve alcohol. With the drunk driving problem that Texas has—in 2017 there were more than 1,000 people killed and thousands more injured in DUI crashes, according to the […]

Potentially Dangerous Houston Intersections Undergo Safety Audits

No one needs to tell us that our roads, freeways, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks are congested. Accidents between motor vehicles, some involving bicyclists and pedestrians who are hit by cars and trucks, are happening at alarming rates. It’s becoming painfully clear that part of the reason is strategic. Our transportation infrastructure, fast growing and […]

A Closer Look at Houston’s Impaired Driving Problem

Houston, we really do have a problem. And it is an extremely serious one. The number of deaths caused by alcohol- and drug-impaired drivers is out of control. While one fatality anywhere in the country is one too many, the Greater Houston area leads the nation among metropolitan areas in the number of lives lost […]

Proponents of Lowering Houston’s Speed Limits Will like This Study

A recently released study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gives proponents of lowering speed limits in Houston some statistical ammunition. The study, which focused on the city of Boston, found that when speed limits were reduced on city streets, drivers slowed down significantly. In January 2017, Boston lowered its standard speed limit […]

Texas Impaired Driving Accident Attorney

As more states allow sales of medical and even recreational marijuana, more impaired drivers may be on our nation’s roadways. While some believe that marijuana impairment may not be as severe as alcohol impairment, the effects of THC on drivers should not be ignored. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active chemical in marijuana that accounts […]

Is Houston’s Limousine Oversight Adequate?

After the horrific limousine accident in New York in early October, legitimate questions are being raised all over the country about the stretch limos cruising our roads, how safe they are, and how safe the entire “for hire” ride industry is in general. In the terrible upstate New York limo crash, which killed 20 people, […]

Are Construction Zones Becoming More Dangerous?

Without road construction workers, we wouldn’t have the transportation infrastructure in place that is necessary to get us where we want to go. Unfortunately, however, this critical job is filled with serious risks to worker safety. The number of deaths in road constructions zones tells the very grim story. According to CPWR – The Center […]

How Houston Traffic Stacks up with Texas, the U.S., and the World

We all complain about Houston traffic.  Maybe it’s in our DNA. The number of traffic chokepoints grows exponentially, or so it seems. But in the bigger picture, just how bad do we have it compared to others? How does Houston traffic stack up against other Texas cities, the U.S, the world? Not so good, but […]