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Texas Burn Injury Lawyer

Every 2 hours and 41 minutes, someone dies in a fire in the United States. Most of these deaths, along with many more burn-related injuries, occur in the home. Burn injuries are incredibly painful, expensive, and debilitating. They are often preventable. Burn Injury Awareness Week is observed during the first full week of February, which […]

Texas Burn Injury Attorney

It’s no mystery why so many victims neglect to seek out the assistance of burn injury lawyers. Between the painful recovery, the social stigma, and the persuasive attempts of those at fault, seeking legal aid can seem like a minor consideration, or even a detrimental course of action. But proper legal representation is one of […]

National Burn Awareness Week is observed during the first week of February. Many Houstonians have recently suffered burn injuries and property damage as a result of apartment fires this past year, so this topic is very timely. The American Burn Association ranked the most common causes of burn injuries for 2015 as follows: Fire and […]

A burn injury lawyer can help those who may have been involved in some type of accident in their home or even on their job. This can be caused from electrical malfunctions, and even house fires. In order for a case to be made, the wounds must be the result of faulty manufacturing or the […]