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Vape Pen Explosion Causes First E-Cig-Related Death in U.S

Florida authorities are still investigating the death of a man whose body was found at his home on May 5, after a vape pen apparently exploded in his face. The exact cause of death remains undetermined. The victim, 35-year-old Tallmadge D’Elia, suffered multiple injuries to his face, officials said. Firefighters were summoned by a 911 […]

Do You Have a Fireworks Safety Protocol?

The Fourth of July holiday is here. That means lots of flags, food, and fireworks.  But every July 4th, tens of thousands of people, many of them teens and young children, are injured when they celebrate with consumer-grade fireworks. Despite the dangers fireworks pose, few people actually grasp the associated risks such as fires, and […]

Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law Representing Injured EVAL Plant Workers As many workers are left reeling from a major explosion at the Kuraray America EVAL facility in Pasadena, Texas on Saturday morning, Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law is representing workers injured in the blast. At least 21 people were injured in the explosion […]

Texas Burn Injury Lawyer

Every 2 hours and 41 minutes, someone dies in a fire in the United States. Most of these deaths, along with many more burn-related injuries, occur in the home. Burn injuries are incredibly painful, expensive, and debilitating. They are often preventable. Burn Injury Awareness Week is observed during the first full week of February, which […]

Texas Burn Injury Attorney

It’s no mystery why so many victims neglect to seek out the assistance of burn injury lawyers. Between the painful recovery, the social stigma, and the persuasive attempts of those at fault, seeking legal aid can seem like a minor consideration, or even a detrimental course of action. But proper legal representation is one of […]

National Burn Awareness Week is observed during the first week of February. Many Houstonians have recently suffered burn injuries and property damage as a result of apartment fires this past year, so this topic is very timely. The American Burn Association ranked the most common causes of burn injuries for 2015 as follows: Fire and […]

Each year, more than 17,000 Americans are injured in fires and more than 3,000 are killed. The majority of these are house fires, but they can also be fires at work, vehicle fires and fires at places people frequent like restaurants and retailers. Why You Need a Burn Injury Lawyer It is of particular importance […]

  A burn injury law suit is a litigation that is commonly associated with workplace accidents or defective products. Heat from fire, radiation, friction, chemicals, and electricity are all causes of burns. The depth of the burn determines its severity and degree. The deepest, which impact every layer of skin, as well as tissues like […]

Every year, scores of people suffer from a severe burn injury, and many hire attorneys as a result. Over the years, experienced doctors and lawyers have proven that burns can have very detrimental affect on a person’s overall health, both mentally and physically, and their future. There are law firms with the right expertise in […]

A burn injury lawyer can help those who may have been involved in some type of accident in their home or even on their job. This can be caused from electrical malfunctions, and even house fires. In order for a case to be made, the wounds must be the result of faulty manufacturing or the negligence […]