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If a person needs the help of a disability attorney, they have likely faced the power of government bureaucracy. More than half of all people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be initially rejected, and the process can seem like it drags on forever. A lawyer experienced in the field can serve […]

There are hundreds of qualified and experienced attorneys in the city of Houston. A Social Security lawyer can be researched by consulting lawyer ratings. These ratings help people determine which attorney is likely to do a quality job defending the client’s legal rights. An attorney’s abilities are judged in 5 separate categories. These categories are […]

People in north Texas looking for a disability lawyer in Dallas should consider attorneys who reside in other cities. The most important thing to consider when searching for a legal profession is their history of success—not their geographic location. Dealing with the Social Security Administration can be a frustrating process, and more than half of […]

What is social security disability can be answered in a couple of different ways depending on the situation of the individual, though the process in which the benefits are acquired remain the same, creating a complex claims method that would be best left to a specialized attorney. In a nutshell, the two forms of compensation, […]

If someone is has a debilitating illness or has been injured and can no longer work, assistance from a Social Security disability lawyer may be a viable option. Applying for benefits can be a difficult and time consuming process, but for those who qualify, it may be the only income they’ll receive to survive on. […]

When should a person hire a Social Security Disability Attorney? When a person loses their ability to work and provide a living for themselves, it can be an extremely traumatic experience. To add to the frustration and disappointment, there is the sometimes dehumanizing process of applying for the benefits they may be entitled to. Very […]