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What is the Difference between a Birth Defect and a Birth Injury?

Birth defects develop during pregnancy due to genetics, inherited conditions, environmental factors, or other causes. They include conditions such as cleft palate, club foot, heart defects, and spina bifida, in which the spinal cord isn’t properly developed. The exact causes of these defects often aren’t known, and they usually a[...]

Date: June 9, 2021 / Medical Malpractice
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What Are the Risks of Premature Birth?

There are many serious risks of premature birth. Some health risks are short-term, while in other cases, being born prematurely can lead to problems that affect people for the rest of their lives. In addition to the physical problems from being born early, there are often serious financial impacts to parents of premature babies. Babi[...]

Date: January 27, 2021 / Medical Malpractice
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Types of Birth Injuries Caused by Delayed C-Sections

When C-sections are delayed because doctors or nurses don’t recognize dangerous complications during labor, birth injuries can happen. The types of birth injuries caused by delayed C-sections include: Brain damage Cerebral palsy Erb’s palsy. Children who sustain such injuries will often need expensive and sometimes l[...]

Date: January 20, 2021 / Medical Malpractice
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How Do You Know Whether You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice happens when doctors, nurses, or other healthcare workers make negligent mistakes that hurt patients. If you’ve been injured in a medical setting, how do you know whether you have a medical malpractice case? Sometimes doctors and others make errors that don’t rise to the level of medical malpractice. To h[...]

Date: October 27, 2020 / Medical Malpractice
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Is Cerebral Palsy Preventable?

Was my child’s cerebral palsy preventable? The answer to this question is “it may have been.” But it depends upon the cause. Sometimes even with the best medical care possible, cerebral palsy can develop. In other cases, though, cerebral palsy may be due to subpar treatment of mothers and babies by doctors, nurses, or other hea[...]

Date: October 16, 2020 / Medical Malpractice
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How the Four D’s of Medical Negligence Can Impact Your Case?

According to a medical study performed in 2016 by Johns Hopkins patient safety experts, medical errors fall among the leading causes of death in the United States. You can read more about this study by visiting the Johns Hopkins Medicine website. What are some examples of medical errors? Medical errors can include anything from s[...]

Date: July 31, 2020 / Medical Malpractice
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Why Maternal Mortality Rates Were so High in Texas

As it turns out, the number of women in Texas who died from pregnancy complications in 2012 has been cut by more than half through a new method for counting and confirming maternal deaths. The previous method made the maternal mortality rate of Texas and quite a few other states the subject of national news coverage. The study [...]

Date: May 9, 2018 / Medical Malpractice
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Heart Arrhythmia Drug Amiodarone Linked to Lung Damage and Toxicity 

If you or a loved ones has a heart condition, then you might have heard of the powerful drug amiodarone. This drug is used to help the heart beat normally within people who have certain disorders that affect the heart's lower chambers. Amiodarone, which is often sold within the United States under the brand names Cordarone® and[...]

Date: February 22, 2018 / Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury
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Power Morcellation and Cancer Risks

For years, regulators and some members of the medical community have known that a certain procedure performed on women with uterine fibroids carries the risk of spreading cancerous tissue. Despite the warning signs presented to manufacturers and regulators, the procedure was common practice and is still used in some facilities. I[...]

Date: August 11, 2017 / Medical Malpractice
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Mothers in U.S. Face Higher Pregnancy Death Rate

Maternal death rates are higher in the United States than in any other developed country. A recent report from NPR and ProPrublica found some troubling realities facing expectant families in our nation, including the fact that American women are three times as likely to die during pregnancy than Canadian mothers and six times mo[...]

Date: July 3, 2017 / Medical Malpractice