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What All Drivers Can Do to Improve Motorcycle Safety

Once again, the National Safety Council is telling us that May is National Motorcycle Safety Month.  Its primary goal is to encourage driver awareness that they share the road with motorcyclists and they should drive with their safety in mind. Bikers need all the help they can get: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety […]

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Staying Safe on Motorcycles Most motorcyclists are well-versed in safety, but it never hurts to review the precautions you should be taking. Have your motorcycle inspected regularly to make sure that it is safe for you and your passengers. Check handlebars, pedals, brakes, lights, wheels, tires, cables, tubes, and fluids, and keep an eye out […]

There is no debate that helmets save lives, especially among motorcyclists. Bikers are generally comfortable with a certain level of risk, and there is a pervading belief among bikers that it’s a matter of when, not if, a rider will be thrown from their bike. There are numerous risks that motorcyclists incur while on the […]

  Many drivers have an automobile and a motorcycle. Is your motorcycle covered under your auto insurance policy? Generally, the answer is no. If you have a motorcycle, you need to make sure your motorcycle is covered under an insurance policy. Most major auto insurance carriers offer separate motorcycle policies. Motorcycle policies offer similar coverages […]

Unfortunately, most Texas drivers have either seen a serious motorcycle accident unfold or have passed by and seen the tragic aftermath of one. Far too often, these are deadly events since motorcycles offer so little physical protection – and many riders refuse to wear the proper safety gear. However, even properly outfitted law enforcement officials […]

There are many ways of preventing injuries to motorcyclists, such as education and increased public awareness. Education and awareness, of both motorcyclists and fellow motorists, is key.  However, voluntarily choosing to wear a helmet can help to reduce injuries and fatalities if a motorcyclist is involved in a crash. Texas law only mandates that motorcycle […]

When a motorcycle accident occurs, tragedy usually follows immediately. Riders don’t have the same degree of protection as people driving in cars and are almost always thrown from their bikes in the event of a crash. And as any safety expert will tell you, things can quickly go from bad to worse when a person […]

A motorcycle death is always tragic because it is often preventable. Bikes, with their small size and high mobility, are often hit by drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road or are attempting to make a dangerous maneuver. Even when riders are maintaining vigilance on the road, it may not save them from a […]

With the high rate of motorcycle accidents across the country, more people find the need for a motorcycle lawyer today than ever before. Most of these accidents involve a vehicle other than the bike, and often the driver of that vehicle fails to even see the motorcycle before tragedy strikes. While things happen fast after […]