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Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer

Get Help from a Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorney

If your family member died due to negligence, you may have recourse. Talk to our experienced Houston wrongful death attorneys to find out. We’ll review your case and explain your legal options.

The loss of a loved one due to negligence is probably the greatest tragedy a family can experience. When wrongful death happens, surviving family members must live with the painful fallout. They are left to cope with the fact that if it weren’t for someone else’s carelessness, their loved one might still be alive. While the emotional impact can be devastating, families may also face serious financial distress. This is especially true if the person who died was a provider.

We know that nothing can ever replace your loved one. But a successful wrongful death lawsuit can ease the financial burden placed on your family. It can also bring the responsible party to justice.

Don’t wait too long to pursue a claim, though. While it is a very difficult time, waiting too long to file a claim might hurt your legal case. Use our online form, chat with us, or call our wrongful death lawyers today at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000 for a free consultation.

Our Wrongful Death Lawyer Explains the Claims Filing Process

A wrongful death claim can be filed against any party that caused your family member’s death through their negligence or carelessness. Parties that may be held liable in wrongful death lawsuits include:


  • Individuals
  • Healthcare providers
  • Government organizations and institutions
  • Employers

Surviving spouses, children, and parents are permitted by Texas law to file wrongful death claims. They may file individually or as a group. If none of these parties files a claim within three months of the death, the personal representative of the estate can file a claim, unless asked not to by one of the survivors.

Wrongful death claims compensate survivors for all they’ve lost due to their family member’s death. These losses are called damages. The compensation in a successful claim is awarded directly to the surviving family members. A skilled wrongful death attorney from the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant can help you understand the damages you might get based on the circumstances of your case. Call us at (713) 973-8888 for a free consultation.

What Damages Can a Houston Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me Get?

Depending on the facts of the case, wrongful death damages might include things like:

  • Emotional pain, mental anguish, and suffering
  • Loss of the deceased’s income and future earning capacity
  • Loss of inheritance
  • The value of lost services provided by the deceased, such as child care, home maintenance, support, advice, and guidance
  • Loss of companionship, society, love, and comfort.

Punitive damages may also be awarded in certain situations, e.g. gross negligence. These damages are meant to punish the at-fault party.

How Does Wrongful Death Happen?

If someone willfully or maliciously takes the life of another person, law enforcement will pursue a criminal matter. Independent of this, we can explore the viability of a civil claim against the responsible party or parties – based on carelessness, neglect, or another form of negligence leading to the death of a person. There are many examples of negligence causing another’s death.

For example, if a distracted driver strikes and kills a pedestrian, the driver can be held responsible for the damages suffered by the pedestrian and their surviving family members. The driver might not have intended to cause harm, but they were negligent behind the wheel and are liable for their actions.

Another example would be a doctor who fails to provide a reasonable level of care to their patient. If the doctor’s actions or inactions led to the death of the patient, the doctor can be liable for their negligence through a medical malpractice claim.

Additionally, if a medical device causes a fatal injury to a patient, the manufacturer could be the subject of a wrongful death case if the device was defective (through a product liability claim).

These are just a few ways in which a wrongful death can occur. There are many others. If you believe your family member was a victim of wrongful death, call us today at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000.

Is There a Time Limit on Filing Wrongful Death Claims?

In Texas, a wrongful death claim must generally be filed within two years of your loved one’s death. There are some exceptions to this rule. (***Always speak directly to an attorney to know the exact statute of limitations and other deadlines that apply to your claim.***) A wrongful death lawyer can advise you about time limits applicable to your specific situation. If you believe that your family member lost their life because of someone else’s negligence, it is important to act quickly to maximize the chances of a successful claim. Contact our Houston wrongful death attorneys for answers.

Insurers Aggressively Dispute Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims usually involve much higher damage awards than other personal injury actions. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out, and so will often offer the lowest settlement possible, resisting all attempts at fair compensation. It’s important to have a wrongful death lawyer on your side who knows how to deal with insurance companies. You want a wrongful death attorney who is known by the insurance industry and defense counsel to be a no-nonsense and tenacious advocate for their clients.

In order to succeed, the underlying case that caused the injury that led to death (car wreck, 18-wheeler accident, medical malpractice, workplace injury, etc.) must be successfully argued. Without a favorable verdict or settlement, you cannot collect any damages arising from a wrongful death. A lawyer with experience handling wrongful death cases should be well-equipped to get you the amount of damages you and your family deserve.

If your family member has been killed by a negligent act, but you’re unsure about some of the elements of your case, talk to a wrongful death attorney here in Houston. The team at Terry Bryant Law will do everything possible to ensure your family receives the best possible representation. Our Houston wrongful death lawyers have extensive wrongful death legal experience. We know how painful it is for your family to face this tragic loss. We cannot bring your loved one back, but we will work hard to get you fair compensation for all you have been through.

Contact an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney in Houston

When you’ve lost a beloved family member, your life has been changed forever. You’ve not only lost love and support, but you may also be facing financial hard times. A successful wrongful death legal claim may ease the stress of your economic condition. Call the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000, or fill out our online form to arrange a free case evaluation. Our compassionate wrongful death lawyers are here to help.

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