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Texas Bicycle Crash Lawyer

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) reports that in Houston and Harris County, seven bicycle fatalities occurred each year from 2008 to 2010, followed by 10 cyclist deaths in 2011, and eight in 2012. The statistics for 2013 show a dozen Houston area cyclists were killed, all but one having been hit by another vehicle. […]

Texas Bicycle Crash Lawyer

People ride bicycles for several reasons. It’s cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles. It helps reduce air pollution. Cycling is good exercise. For many, it offers a fun way to enjoy a city or the great outdoors. Unfortunately for many cyclists in Houston, it’s also extremely dangerous. Houston has many things to be proud of but our […]

For anyone who rides a bike, whether as their primary mode of transportation or simply as a recreational outlet on summer weekends, it is helpful to know what role bicycle accident attorneys can play should the bike rider experience an accident caused by the negligence of another person. In 2012 alone, 726 cyclists were killed […]

  Summer weather draws outdoor enthusiasts to engage in—you guessed it—outdoor activities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported over 900 deaths and nearly 500,000 emergency room visits related to bicycle crashes for the year 2013. Here in Houston, a variety of trails are available for bikes to weave throughout the city. Although […]

As the number of bicycles on streets and highways increases, so does the need for bicycle accident lawyers.  Whether cyclists sustain injuries due to road hazards, road conditions, or due to collisions with people driving automobiles, the end result is that bike riders often find themselves in need of legal assistance. This assistance can range […]

Bike accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence on American roads, whether they are from a driver’s negligence or a vehicle malfunction. When cyclists share the road with much larger passenger vehicles, collisions can quickly turn devastating, or even fatal. A distracted or negligent motorist is typically to blame in these sorts of situations, either from […]

While most cycle accidents involve just the cyclist, the worst bike accident injury cases typically include a motor vehicle. Clearly, cyclists are no match for cars, and with little impact protection, a cyclist may sustain thousands of pounds of force in an instant. Broken bones, friction burns, and deep lacerations are common, and severe injury […]

  Many people take to the roads on bicycles, both competitively and leisurely. Unfortunately, many bicyclists think it is safer to ride against the flow of traffic so that drivers can see them pedaling toward their vehicles head on. Although it may be counterintuitive, it is more dangerous to ride against the flow of vehicular […]

Although the necessity for a bicycle injury lawyer may be rare, luckily some personal injury attorneys specialize in that specific area. These attorneys provide a way for cyclists to learn what their rights are in the event of an accident or injury caused by someone else. Accidents happen that sometimes involve being struck by an […]

Health reasons, the environment, and the expense of commuting and running errands in a car has more people riding their bikes on the road these days, increasing the odds of needing a bicycle accident attorney at one time or another. These factors result in the increase of cycling accidents, which can be rather serious, regardless […]