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Maritime Injury Lawyer

Onboard a ship, death is not a frequent occurrence, but unfortunately tragic accidents do happen. Fatalities are often due to negligence, and the negligent parties must be held accountable to ensure that the victim’s family has the closure they deserve. This negligence can come from the vessel owner, the vessel’s manufacturer or even crew members, […]

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A maritime injury lawyer can help a hurt seaman take advantage of their considerable legal rights following an accident, and make use of the powerful Jones Act to ensure any negligence is punished. Seamen face difficult working conditions on a daily basis, and these jobs can be extremely physically demanding. Even though seamen have to […]

Boat Injury Lawyer

The Houston-area waterways are filling up with boating traffic as the weather gets warmer. May is a popular month to return to outdoor activities—such as boating—with kids getting out of school for summer vacation and the Memorial Day weekend. It is important to be prepared before hitting the waterways. Here is a checklist of things […]

A worker on board a commercial vessel who becomes ill or hurt offshore has some recourse when it comes to compensation. It is prudent for anyone injured working of at sea to speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. Dealing with a firm that is familiar with Maritime Law, and particularly the law known […]

At the very least, cruise ship accidents can ruin vacations. But at the most, these accidents can ruin lives.  If you or someone you know has been affected by serious injuries due to the negligence of a cruise ship operator or employee, it’s important to consider speaking with an experienced attorney to discuss the options. […]

A Jones Act lawyer is focused on helping seamen and maritime workers fight back when they are hurt by an employer’s or vessel owner’s negligence. It is unfortunately common, and these workers don’t have state worker’s compensation programs to fall back on when they are hurt on the job. Instead, they have to rely on […]

Are offshore injury lawyers truly necessary following an accident aboard an oil rig? The answer is yes. Not only are they needed, they will be instrumental in proving the employer’s negligence and maximizing the compensation the employee and/or their family receives. From drill ships and platform rigs to inland barges and semisubmersibles, those working in […]

A Texas area offshore injury lawyer regularly helps seamen working in the Gulf of Mexico and Houston ship channel, providing them with an option if they are hurt while on the job. And accidents are common at sea. Vessels do not make for the most stable, safest work conditions, and even experienced seamen can be […]

A Jones Act lawyer regularly handles cases from seamen who work in the area. Whether on a shipping tow heading down the city’s ship channel, or on one of many oil drilling platforms, an attorney can help any seaman or ship worker who is hurt while on the job. And in many cases, a hurt […]

A maritime lawsuit may be required when a seaman is hurt while working on a navigating vessel, especially because these workers do not typically have access to state injury compensation programs. In fact, a negligence claim against an employer or vessel owner may be the only recourse an injured worker has, but it can be […]