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How We Give Back

The members of Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law recognize the importance of helping others. We are deeply committed to the people and community we are privileged to serve. Our commitment extends beyond our law practice. We not only work here in Houston, but our attorneys, staff and their families also live here. As legal professionals who are also proud residents of the Houston area, we are strong believers in the importance of giving back.

Through free giveaways, scholarships, donations and volunteer activities, we support the academic goals of students in our communities, and the charitable initiatives of nonprofits and community organizations.

free giveaways

Sometimes, things in life are free. We make sure of that by finding ways we can provide free items to those who can benefit from them. The types of items we offer changes over time, so be sure to come back to our site to see what giveaways are currently happening.

See below for the free giveaways you can receive and how to obtain them.

Pencils Campaign

PENCILS 4 Students

We believe in helping students achieve to the greatest of their abilities by providing perhaps the most essential tool for students at any grade level. When we are learning, it is okay to make mistakes while we learn from them – and erasers facilitate an easy do-over. Pencils are also great for free-form note-taking. To ensure they can put their thoughts onto paper, we’ll provide 5 pencils to any student who requests them – for free! It’s important all students have the tools they need in the classroom. Do you have a student who could use free pencils? Fill out our form below and we’ll send them to you.

Personal Injury Ebook


As an established member of the Houston legal community since 1985, our law firm has assisted many people who have gone through difficult times after being seriously injured, or after the wrongful death of a family member. We hope you will never experience such an event. But if you or a family member should be hurt in an accident, our free personal injury e-book will help you understand your legal rights. You can download a copy below or learn more more about this complimentary 88-page e-book here.

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