Are Construction Helmets a Solution to Workplace Head Injuries?

August 31, 2017 Workers Compensation

Construction is dangerous work, filled with potential hazards like moving equipment, demolition, and fall risks. Workers are required to undergo training and are supposed to be provided with adequate equipment that aids in safety. However, the protective equipment for head injuries – one of the most notorious injuries construction workers suffer – has changed little over the years, and it’s possible that thousands of construction workers have suffered serious injury as a result.

The iconic construction worker hardhat has been associated with the job of a construction worker for decades in the United States. They are as ubiquitous as fireman’s helmets and traditional police badges. When you see a yellow hardhat, you immediately know what it stands for. Yet, this easily-identifiable piece of equipment is unsettlingly inadequate at protecting construction workers. Nearly 1,000 construction workers suffered fatal brain injuries from 2011 to 2015 in the United States.

The fact that so many construction workers have lost their lives due to traumatic brain injury begs the question: Why haven’t we improved upon the traditional construction worker hardhat?

A New Type of Protective Gear for Construction Workers

Many safety officials in the industry are now rethinking their approach to safety gear for construction workers, and it’s possible that the classic construction worker hardhat might soon be replaced by a helmet.

These helmets are more secure and offer better protection to construction workers than hardhats. If a worker falls, a hardhat may easily fall or be knocked off the worker’s head. Additionally, the hardhat may not be designed to absorb an impact as effectively as a construction helmet.

A Change That All Companies Should Consider

Think about the ways in which football helmets have evolved over the years. The earliest helmets were flimsy, leather-based hats that did little to absorb a blow to the head. Today, they cover the entire head and are designed to protect against much greater impact. There’s no reason that these technological advances can’t be adapted to meet the needs of construction workers.

If helmets allow for visibility and comfort, they offer a leap forward in worker protection. Construction helmets might be part of a solution to the threats facing these workers. Construction work has one of the highest rates of worker injury and death in the United States. Texas has a notoriously inadequate safety culture when it comes to protecting construction workers.

Hopefully, construction companies in Texas will look to possible solutions like the safety helmet as a tool to enhance construction site safety. The investment will be minimal compared to the costs associated with worker injury.

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