If You Have Been Injured On The Job You Need To Talk To An Attorney

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, it would be a wise decision to consult a workers compensation attorney. This type of lawyer will have an astute understanding of the federal statutes that govern the requirements of employers to provide workers compensation insurance to their employees. These federal statutes were enacted in order to provide a level of protection from loss to employees that are injured while on the job. Outside of a couple of exclusions in certain instances, the employee that has been injured on the job is entitled to receive monetary support to cover medical expenses, including any rehabilitation that will be necessary to insure that the employee will be physically prepared to return to their previous duties.

Unfortunately, as with any benefit involving money, there will be those that will take advantage of the system by filing fraudulent claims or by fraudulently extending a claim when they are no longer in need of benefits. Subsequently, the employers and insurance companies work fervently to find ways to mitigate the rising cost and one of the most common ways is to deny and reduce claims. This is unfortunate because all too often the person who is genuinely injured and desperately in need of these benefits will get caught up in the vortex of the machine that is meant to weed out the bad guys and save money.

Having a workers compensation attorney puts the injured employee in a position in which they can have confidence that their best interest is being protected. The lawyer can handle the paperwork and documentation necessary to file a claim, as well as handle any litigation necessary to insure that the injured party receives all the benefits that they qualify for.

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Attorney Terry BryantTerry Bryant is Board Certified in personal injury trial law, which means his extensive knowledge of the law has been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, setting him apart from many other injury attorneys. The 22 years he spent as a Municipal Judge, Spring Valley Village, TX also provides him keen insight into the Texas court system. That experience also helps shape his perspective on personal injury cases and how they might resolve. This unique insight benefits his clients. [ Attorney Bio ]

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