What To Do When Facing a Grade Danger from an Uneven Road?

by Terry Bryant

Uneven Road Sign

Uneven Road Sign

Everyone has been driving along when, suddenly, they enter a construction zone where the job is unfinished. Often, this means that the pavement is uneven. A similar situation may occur when there is a dangerous shoulder drop-off or no shoulder at all.

Even though many states have rules about drop-offs, these road conditions may pose serious problems for drivers who are changing lanes.  Don’t lose control of your vehicle if you encounter uneven pavement.  Keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t resist — If you find your vehicle traveling toward a drop-off. Wait until you can smoothly turn back onto the road, instead of quickly turning the wheel.  Fighting resistance may lead to more damage than continuing onto an unpaved path.
  • Don’t overcorrect — You may be tempted to steer aggressively back onto the road if you are having difficulty getting back on track. However, returning to the travel lane sooner is not always better.
  • Avoid changing lanes — If you are traveling on a road with uneven lanes, do not change lanes until the pavement is even again.
  • Research road construction — If you know that an area is currently under construction, take an alternate route, if possible, to avoid any potential danger.

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