How Do You Know If Your Elligible For Social Security Disability?

What is social security disability can be answered in a couple of different ways depending on the situation of the individual, though the process in which the benefits are acquired remain the same, creating a complex claims method that would be best left to a specialized attorney. In a nutshell, the two forms of compensation, one being insurance-based variety and another more exclusive type are known as SSDI and SSI respectively. They both have their inherent hurdles in achieving a successful claim, while they also both share the startling statistic that 50% of all claims made are ultimately rejected. If you’re facing challenges in the SSD claims process, consider consulting a social security disability lawsuit expert to navigate these complexities..

Both variations of claims are predicated on the individual’s ability to perform their current duties at work, whether it’s from a temporary or permanent impairment, and whether that impairment falls under the ADA’s list of acceptable afflictions. The latter, SSI, is dependent on the aforementioned and the individual’s current income levels, as well as the income levels that will continue after the person begins to receive benefits.
When searching for the answers to what is social security disability, one would be privy to take into consideration the lengthy time frames that can occur when filing a claim, as well as the strict deadlines that plague the entire process. In this vein, many people opt to hire a lawyer who can help to build the claim in the most proper way possible, greatly increasing the chances of the applicant to ultimately be accepted. Additionally, if the claim were to go to the 90 day appeals process, an experienced attorney will be there to represent the individual on their behalf and fight for their rights in court in order to receive just compensation.

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