What Is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

July 12, 2016 Personal Injury

After hiring a personal injury attorney, the first question many clients have is “what is my case worth?” The classic answer to this question is “it depends.”

Every case is different. Here, at the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant, we handle every case differently based on facts specific to how you were injured and what type of injury you sustained.

The value of a personal injury case depends on a variety of factors, which may evolve over the life of a case. Here are some considerations in evaluating the worth of a personal injury case:

  • How you were injured – Were you broadsided by a drunk driver? Did a distracted driver hit your motorcycle?
  • Type of injury – Did you break your dominant hand? Did you suffer a traumatic brain injury?
  • Prognosis for recovery – Do you have a permanent injury? Have you made a full recovery?
  • Medical expenses – How much were your medical expenses? Did your health insurance cover some of your medical expenses? Were some of your bills written off or contractually adjusted?
  • Lost wages – Did you miss time from work? What is your normal income?
  • Insurance coverage – Does the at-fault party have adequate liability insurance coverage to compensate you for your damages? If not, does the at-fault party have assets that can be recovered in satisfaction of a judgment against them? Do you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?

An experienced personal injury attorney can thoroughly evaluate the facts of your case so you do not accept an unfair settlement that is below the value of your case.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, contact a board certified personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim.