What is the Mirena IUD? What Are Its Side Effects?

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What Is Mirena? Does It Have Any Side Effects or Risks?

Many forms of birth control are safe to use, but what is risky about Mirena is the hormone used in this IUD. Progestogen is mostly safe for women who are not pregnant, but it can cause serious adverse effects in women who become pregnant while using it. Like most other hormonal birth control options, progestogen prevents fertilization by making the cervix and uterus inhospitable to sperm and egg. It has a very low failure rate, but women using it should see a doctor if they become pregnant. It’s important to distinguish between birth defects and birth injuries in such cases.

Progestogen prevents egg fertilization through several methods. For one, it thickens the mucus lining in the cervix. This makes it more difficult for the sperm to survive and penetrate the egg. Progestogen also affects the mucus membrane inside the uterus, or endometrium. During menstruation, this membrane fills with blood rich in nutrients, which makes the area an ideal implantation site for a fertilized egg. Progestogen prevents the membrane from swelling with blood, making the spot less than ideal for implantation.

However, what is dangerous about Mirena is the number of complications it can cause if a woman becomes pregnant while using it. In fact, doctors recommend a patient stop using it as soon as they think they may be pregnant. It the presence of high concentrations of progestogen, a pregnancy is more likely to be miscarried or become ectopic. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg implants anywhere but the uterus. In some people, this can cause severe, possibly fatal, internal bleeding. Ectopic pregnancy can also rupture internal organs in rare instances.

Any women who have taken progestogen and suffered from serious complications should think about speaking with a reputable drug injury lawyer. These legal professionals may be able to put together a case for restitution for the victim.

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