What Exactly Is Byetta & Is It Safe to Use?

September 12, 2013 Drug Injury

What Is Byetta?

Is Byetta Safe?

To anyone wondering, “what is Byetta?” there is a short and a long answer.  Put simply, it is an injected solution that helps those with type 2 diabetes regulate their blood sugar levels.  Getting more technical, the drug is a brand named form of exenatide, which is an incretin mimetic.  This means that it acts as an artificial hormone that helps communicate with the pancreas so it more efficiently creates insulin when needed. Thereby keeping the user’s blood sugar levels where they need to be.

There are many people wondering what is Byetta compared to, and is it a comparable drug to Bydureon. This is a common mix up. Both products are forms of exenatide. But while Byetta is to be injected twice daily before meals, Bydureon is the more long acting form of the drug. It needs only to be injected just once weekly.

There have been many studies done on the drug, and it is clear that by taking it, the user assumes a much higher level of risk associated with their pancreas. Anyone with a pre-existing pancreas condition should not be considered eligible to take the medication. Due to complications arising from how the drug interacts with the pancreas, in some cases, users have been documented in developing pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, and thyroid cancer.  Despite this known risk, there has been no recall on the medication, prompting concerns that some affected individuals may consider pursuing a Byetta class action.

What Are the Side Effects of Byetta?

Less severe possible side effects that can occur as a result of taking the drug include:

weight loss vomiting nausea
headaches dizziness back pain
diarrhea disorientation light-headedness
nervousness stomach pain faster heart rate
or swelling of parts of the face

If someone has taken this drug and experienced these severe side effects, they should consider contacting drug injury lawyer who handles Byetta cases.

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