Swimming Pool Accident Statistics Illustrate The Dangers Around Water

Swimming pool accident prevention is of paramount importance when considering the numerous dangers in and around these residential and public water features. The consequences can be serious and potentially fatal when not utilized and supervised with the utmost safety measures in place. According to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, there are roughly 9 drowning related deaths in the U.S. every day, with one out of every five directly impacting those under 14. Consequently, this unintentional cause of death is the leading source for those under 4 years. In addition to children, men and minorities also see high rates of drowning fatalities.

The CDC recognizes the elevated number of nonfatal injuries which occur five times as much as pool related child fatalities. These incidents typically require emergency medical attention and may result in traumatic brain injury, disembowelment, learning disabilities, and emotional distress. Many times submersion injuries require ongoing care and therapy.

A variety of factors present hazardous conditions in residential and public facilities. While commonly seen at home, as much as 20% of drowning incidents take place at a public location with a lifeguard available. In both settings insufficient supervision, lack of swimming ability and inadequate safety encompassing the water all play a role in swimming pool accident statistics. Additionally, chemicals, slides, and water suction devices can create added dangers. Four sided barriers with proper closure can reduce these incidents by 80%, while regulated suction systems can lower the risk of circulation entrapment.

77% of young victims were said to have been sighted in the five minutes prior to the accident, and 9 out of 10 were supposedly under close supervision at the time. However injuries and death can occur instantaneously. Full monitoring, CPR training, and water safety and technique training can greatly decrease the number of accidents, including injuries and death settlement.

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