Lawsuit Against Conagra on Behalf of Cooking Spray Explosion Victim

May 7, 2019 Defective Products

Conagra Cooking Spray Explosion Lawsuit

The Team at Terry Bryant Law Files a Lawsuit Against Conagra Foods

the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant filed suit today on behalf of Reveriano Duran, against CONAGRA FOODS, INC., and CONAGRA BRANDS, INC., makers of SYSCO Imperial All-Purpose Cooking Spray. The lawsuit alleges that Conagra manufactured cans of spray with “u-shaped vents on the domed bottom of the canister that were designed to open when the can buckled or when the bottom of the canister became convex instead of concave.” Here is what the bottom of a can with u-shaped vents looks like:

Vents on cooking spray can

Mr. Duran was working as a cook at a restaurant. He placed the can of cooking spray on a shelf below an industrial grill. The temperature of the shelf and the air near the grill never exceeded 90 degrees, but the u-shaped vents on the can opened, causing the propellant (gas that makes the contents spray out) to come out of the vents. The propellant contacted the heat from the grill and caused a flash fire that enveloped Mr. Duran, like this:

Man suffered severe burns in flash fire

Mr. Duran suffered burns and permanent scars as a result of this fire. Terry Bryant and the team of lawyers working with our firm seek compensation for Mr. Duran from Conagra, and we hope to also deter Conagra from producing these dangerous spray cans in the future.

A Flawed Design of Cooking Sprays That Threatens Users

SYSCO Imperial All-Purpose Cooking Spray, PAM and other similar cooking sprays are often marketed as natural non-stick options for home and professional cooks. Unfortunately, the u-shaped vent design was intended for cans holding whipped cream, which has a propellant that is not flammable. Cooking sprays have a propellant that is similar to what is found in a cigarette lighter, so an unintended release of the propellant, particularly near a heat source (like a stove) makes them potentially deadly. There have been several instances of these flash fires across the U.S. These u-shaped vents are particularly common in large or commercial-size cans of cooking spray, so commercial cooks are particularly at risk. Cooking-spray cans contain a great deal of pressure, and when the substances in the can come into contact with a flame, the results can be disastrous for the user and everyone else in the vicinity of the spray.

In Mr. Duran’s case, the spray was exposed to temperatures that were lower than a consumer would encounter on an outdoor cookout but were typical for a restaurant kitchen. These cans of cooking spray should be safe for all users – household consumers and commercial cooks – under expected conditions. Conagra sold this cooking spray for use in homes and restaurants, so it should not allow dangerous products, like cans of cooking spray with u-shaped vents, into the market place. With this lawsuit, we hope to hold Conagra accountable to Mr. Duran for selling a dangerous product and, hopefully, to convince Conagra to take this dangerous product off the market.

Injuries Caused by Cooking Spray Explosions

These explosions of cooking spray containers can lead to very serious injuries, including…

  • Burn Injury
  • Disfigurement
  • Blindness
  • Internal injuries
  • Death

When someone suffers from serious injuries because a manufacturer failed to produce a safe product, that manufacturer should be held accountable for the damage their product has caused. We are confident that the legal actions being taken against CONAGRA FOODS, INC., and CONAGRA BRANDS, INC. will bring attention to the dangers of this cooking spray.

When Products are Defective, Consumers Deserve Compensation

By filing a product liability claim against a manufacturer, consumers can win compensation for the many costs the defective product has caused, including…

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income from missed work or inability to work
  • Property damage suffered from a defective product
  • Pain, suffering and diminished quality of life.

Burns are some of the most painful and expensive injuries imaginable. No consumer should have to pay the price for CONAGRA or any other company’s selling DANGEROUS PRODUCTS.

Contact the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant Today to Speak to Our Team About Cooking Spray Injuries

Our client has suffered serious injuries because Conagra sold a dangerous product. We are committed to making sure he gets the payment he needs to cover all the incredible costs he is facing.

For more information about how the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant can protect you and your family from dangerous products like cooking sprays that have a risk of explosion, contact us today by calling 713-973-8888 or filling out our online form. Terry Bryant is a Board Certified personal injury attorney and a former judge in Texas. Our team knows the law, and we make sure that dangerous manufacturers are held accountable for the harm suffered by consumers.

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