People Who Suffer From Steven Johnsons Syndrome Are Often Victims Of Medical Negligence

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People who suffer from stevens-Johnson Syndrome are often the victims of medical negligence, even though SJS causes are only somewhat understood. This condition can be fatal and usually leaves the patient with permanent complications, including blindness or widespread scarring. The underlying cause is an immune system disorder, but the disease may present itself in response to a specific stimulus, which can include viral or bacterial infections or adverse reactions to prescription drugs, possibly resulting in a drug injury lawsuit when applicable.

SJS symptoms, including potential personal injury symptoms, start out as a simple fever, sore throat, and cough, though eye pain may also be present. Doctors tend to misdiagnose the disease in its early stages. After a short time, face and tongue swelling, pain, hives, blisters on the skin and mucus membranes, a red or purple rash that spreads, and skin shedding will also be apparent. SJS causes are always linked to an immunological stimulus, like a viral or bacterial infection. Some medications, particularly allopurinol, antibiotics, sulfonamides and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories can also produce the disease.

The mortality rate associated with the disease largely depends on the age of the patient and how much of the skin is necrotized. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the condition, and doctors treat SJS symptoms similar to how they would treat severe burns. Patients are isolated in ICU burn wards, fed a regular supply of fluid to prevent dehydration and are monitored for infection. Pain control and encouraging the growth of healthy tissue are the primary goals of long-term treatment.

Anyone who has contracted the disease should think about speaking with a drug injury lawyer as soon as they can. Improperly prescribed medications are among the most common SJS causes, and doctors must be aware of a patient’s risk factors before. Pain control and encouraging the growth of healthy tissue are the primary goals of long-term treatment, which may have implications for pain and suffering calculation in legal or compensation contexts.

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