Types Of Serious Injury Claims That A Lawyer Can Help With

In the wake of a serious injury, a personal injury lawyer may be contacted in an attempt to hold the responsible party liable. Severe accidents can result in long-term or permanent disability or disfigurement, and the compensation needed to maintain the victim’s health in these cases can be sizable. In general, the larger the claim, the more resistance it will produce and the more complex it will become. A reputable attorney can keep the claim process from becoming overwhelming and ensure that the victim is completely prepared to argue their case before a judge or jury.

When negligence is believed to be at least partly responsible for a serious injury, an experienced lawyer can be a major help. The only way a victim can attain compensation during these claims is to show that the defendant was negligent in some way, and to prove that this negligence was directly responsible for the victim’s suffering. Occasionally, it is easy to prove negligence, but in most cases, the victim needs to be armed with detailed information to support their claim. Some of the claims that typically require the help of an attorney include:

  • Claims involving long-term or permanent damage. These suits typically involve higher levels of compensation, and this can cause significant resistance from insurance companies or an employer.
  • Medical malpractice claims. This is an extremely complex field of litigation, and the victim will need to have detailed records to show that medical mistakes were directly responsible for their suffering.
  • Environmental accidents. The damage caused by toxic materials built into homes or released into the air or water can be difficult to track. Anyone harmed by exposure to toxic materials may not have a clear idea of how it was caused or who is responsible.
  • Workplace accidents. In Texas, employers are not required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Those employers that choose not to carry this coverage will not have to compensate a hurt worker unless negligence can be proven.

These are just a few instances where an attorney may be needed. Following any serious injury, though, a lawyer will ensure that a proper demand package is put together and that the victim is prepared for every phase of the claim.

Attorney Terry Bryant

Attorney Terry BryantTerry Bryant is Board Certified in personal injury trial law, which means his extensive knowledge of the law has been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, setting him apart from many other injury attorneys. The 22 years he spent as a Municipal Judge, Spring Valley Village, TX also provides him keen insight into the Texas court system. That experience also helps shape his perspective on personal injury cases and how they might resolve. This unique insight benefits his clients. [ Attorney Bio ]

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