A Power Plant Explosion Is Usually Caused By Negligence

A power plant explosion is one of the worst occupational disasters that can happen in any industry, and it typically leaves massive tragedy in its wake. These disasters are nearly always preventable as they are often due to company or worker negligence. It would seem like these would be some of the best maintained and monitored facilities in the country, but the realities are quite different. In fact, some of these facilities use technology that is decades old and in disrepair.

When a power plant explosion occurs, it is usually due to a lapse in heat, fire or electrical management in the facility. Consuming large amounts of fuel generates a lot of heat, and it must be dispersed safely or it can cause a fire. If material or heat management equipment is old or damaged, it can cause a buildup of heat or a spark, resulting in conflagration.

There is typically no warning before one of these disasters occurs, catching any nearby workers completely off guard. Burns and severe physical trauma, like traumatic brain injuries (TBI), are common and can leave a worker permanently disabled. TBIs are particularly troublesome as they can have unpredictable effects on a person. Even mild TBIs can make it extremely difficult for a person to focus for many months after the injury. Severe TBIs can rob an individual’s ability to speak or think properly, making it nearly impossible to live without support, much less return to work.

Negligence is usually at the root of these incidents, which is why companies typically pay out millions in settlements to workers and their families. An injury attorney can help a hurt worker pursue their own claim against an employer, ensuring they are given a voice in the courtroom.

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