Treatment For Low-T Syndrome Has Forced Lawsuit Preparations

December 22, 2014 Drug Injury Uncategorized

Treatment for Low-T syndrome has forced lawsuit preparations on the behalf of hundreds of victims as testosterone supplements can produce serious side effects in some people. For years, safety research into testosterone replacement therapy has lagged behind the popularity of these drugs. This is due in large part to aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies who have represented these supplements as more than just a treatment for hypogonadism. Now, younger men are using them in hopes of improving sexual and athletic performance, even though there is no evidence that testosterone supplements can help with either. Instead, many of these otherwise healthy individuals will develop serious heart problems.

Several studies, including one that had to be abandoned due to safety concerns, have demonstrated a link between testosterone replacement and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Specifically, there is about a six percent increased risk, enough to raise major concerns about the safety of hormone replacement.

The real outrage though is that so many men have been prescribed these supplements, even though they do not suffer from Low-T syndrome. Lawsuit preparations from hundreds of victims regularly point out how they were not officially diagnosed with any medical problem before being prescribed testosterone supplements. Doctors may believe they are acting in their patients’ best interests by doing this, but it means many men are putting themselves at risk without any need. This is negligence, and negligence is not something that should be ignored by its victims.

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