Understanding The Possible Risks Of Lipitor Side Effects

September 4, 2013 Drug Injury Uncategorized

Today, post menopausal women are experiencing an increase in Type 2 Diabetes due to Lipitor side effects.  These drugs were introduced to lower cholesterol and try to prevent stroke and heart attacks in patients.  While the benefits are great, it is also important to understand the possible risks associated with this drug.

This particular statin has been prescribed to over 29 million patients today.  Pfizer is the company that is responsible for making this product.  Websites have mentioned that it is the best selling prescription of all time.  Caution should still be taken when taking any drug, even one as widely used as this, as all medications can have potential side effects. Some reported side effects include drug side effect claims.

The risks associated include headaches, muscle pain, diarrhea, joint pain, chronic sinusitis and liver and kidney failure, just to name a few. Let’s not forget the Type 2 Diabetes risk that has been increased by 48 percent for post menopausal women who take this medication.  The risks associated with diabetes include kidney and eye damage, cardiovascular disease and foot and nerve damage.

Always ask questions with a medical professional before starting or stopping any medication.  Any serious symptoms should be discussed immediately with a doctor.  Patients also have the option of seeking guidance from a medical malpractice expert when facing potential issues with their healthcare.  There are several law firms who handle cases involving post menopausal women who have had diabetes related Lipitor side effects.  Do some research to confirm the reputation of a law firm before considering hiring them.  Many will offer free consultations to new clients, which can be the perfect time to ask questions. Once they have examined all of the information, they will be able to advise the victim on whether or not there is enough evidence to pursue compensation for the pain and suffering.

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