Dialysis Linked Heart Attacks Have Been Linked To Granuflo & Naturalyte

June 18, 2013 Drug Injury Uncategorized

The chemicals Granuflo and Naturalyte are used to remove impurities from the blood, but dialysis linked heart attacks have increasingly become associated with these Fresenius products. Fresenius, a leading supplier of dialysis equipment and supplies, has its products used in centers that are operated by itself and other companies all across the nation.

Dialysis is an effective treatment for kidney failure and fulfills the task of filtering water and waste from the blood as its acid levels are balanced. It is believed that an ingredient in both Granuflo and Naturalyte is responsible for an excess of bicarbonate in the body. When bicarbonate, an alkaline substance, builds up in the blood it causes the blood to become basic. When blood has a pH level greater than 7, it is a condition known as alkalosis. This buildup can cause heart problems, such as cardiopulmonary arrest, sometimes resulting in death.

Although Fresenius shared this information with the clinics they operate, it is possible that non-Fresenius clinics were not warned until months later. This failure to fully inform some patients that the prospect of cardiopulmonary arrest is more likely may have put them at greater risk. As a result, investigations are being led by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in order to determine if this speculation is true. In late March of 2012 a recall of both of these products was announced in an effort to prevent dialysis related heart attacks.

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