Get A Dallas Product Liability Lawyer To Help You Asses Product Damages

February 2, 2013 Product Liability

A Dallas product liability lawyer can help you to assess the facts in your case when a particular product causes damage to personal property or bodily harm. Injuries that cause long-term disability or require medical attention, surgery or rehabilitation therapy can result in monetary awards to plaintiffs. Courts often set liability awards in amounts that offset medical bills and lost wages.

Product liability can result from faulty design, improper labels, shoddy materials or poor manufacturing techniques. Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that adequate quality controls are in place throughout their supply chain so that these failures don’t occur. They are required to warn against improper uses of the item and to provide training and manuals for complex equipment and machinery. Some merchandise failures have resulted in mass tort cases that involve a number of similar instances with the same product, and a good attorney will know of such cases.

Whenever a person is injured due to a faulty design or failure of the item when used properly, it is a good idea to discuss the details with an experienced attorney. An attorney’s experience in this area is a better indicator of the suit’s eventual success than is the location of the attorney’s office. For this reason, even if the injury occurred in another city, the injured party may be better off to hire either a Houston or Dallas product liability lawyer with extensive experience than a local attorney with less experience. Most attorneys that specialize in these cases don’t require a retainer because they receive payment as a percentage of the eventual reward, so lack of funds shouldn’t be a reason to delay a consultation.