When Chemical Plant Explosions Occur The Devastation Can Be Severe!

When a chemical plant explosion occurs, it often results in catastrophic damage and loss of life. These disasters occur with frightening frequency because safety regulations at these facilities are often not followed correctly. Factory-owning companies have a duty to protect their workers from major accidents, and when they fail to do so, they are behaving negligently. In such cases, it’s crucial to consult a work injury lawyer to seek justice for those affected.

These accidents are almost always caused by a small spark or naked flame igniting material in the air, leading to potentially devastating effects of work injury. Processing factories are plagued with dust and gases that are highly flammable in large concentrations. This fuel can be filtered or vacuumed out, but the factory owner must install the technology to do so and keep it maintained properly. If flammable particles are allowed to disperse into the air, all that is needed for a chemical plant explosion is an open flame and an enclosed area.

Increasing the destruction even further are secondary explosions. During the initial deflagration, the resulting pressure wave can damage other equipment, causing more fires and the release of more fuel.
The flame can come from any number of sources. A worker who lights up a cigarette in the building may start a chain reaction. Any electrical device or machine with a heating element can throw a spark if it malfunctions. Impure materials may ignite when mixed or processed. Safety regulations that are not enforced may lead to carelessness among workers. All of these can be prevented if the company properly maintains all electrical equipment and trains all employees extensively. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur because the company ignores OSHA regulations and allows safety to deteriorate at a facility. Victims of these disasters have a right to seek justice, and may be able to get the help they require through a personal injury lawyer.

Attorney Terry Bryant

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