Copper Vision Has Issued A World Wide Avaira Contact Lens Recall

Under pressure from the FDA, an Avaira contact lens recall was
CooperVision issued a worldwide Avaira contact lens recall two times in 2011. The first in the spring, and later that year it was expanded to include an additional brand. Brands Sphere and Toric were found to be tainted with an unhealthy level of silicone oil residue, leading to severe contact lens side effects. Adverse reactions include altered vision, torn corneas, corneal damage, blindness, and severe eye pain.

The Avaira contact lens recall was initiated by CooperVision and the FDA because of possible side effects. Severe reactions, while uncommon, were the fault of poor quality measurements during the manufacturing process. The side effects ranged in severity. Mild irritation often dissipates within the hour, if the product is removed immediately. There have been reports of adverse reactions such as blindness, cornea damage, and pain that require emergency treatment to avoid further damage.

The adverse reactions are severe and impact the health of the user. However, consumers all display different symptoms with differing degrees of discomfort. There is no consistency with the resulting damage, but the pain is debilitating. While the damage may be reversible it is still painful and causes loss of income and quality of life.

The Class I warning placed on the product is the strongest the FDA places on recalled products and medications. The warning indicates the severity of the potential injury, and consumers have been advised to immediately cease using the product. If you or a loved one have experienced adverse effects from this product, you may be eligible to file a product injury lawsuit. The consumer may return the lenses to an eye care professional, or contact CooperVision directly. A full refund or replacement is being offered.

A refund or replacement may not be enough to compensate consumers that have suffered because of the product. There have been reports of blindness lasting between six to eight weeks, and multiple surgeries necessary to repair corneal damage. Contacting a qualified attorney may be a better recourse for consumers who have suffered due to the poor quality control that initiated the Avaira contact lens recall.

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