Accutane Has Spawned Many Lawsuits Due To Side Effects

May 24, 2013 Drug Injury Uncategorized

Those who have pursued an Accutane lawsuit have suffered from a range of major complications associated with the drug’s active ingredient, isotretinoin. This vitamin A derivative has been shown to cause severe birth defects, depression and permanent conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or uncontrolled bone growth. It has been thoroughly reviewed by the FDA, which considers the drug to be too dangerous to administer to pregnant women.

Isotretinoin is classified under pregnancy category X, which is reserved for drugs most likely to cause birth complications. Well documented studies have produced positive evidence of fetal abnormalities caused by the drug. In addition, some women who have filed an Accutane lawsuit did so after suffering from spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. Because of these complications, the FDA has stated that there is no justifiable medical reason why a pregnant woman should be prescribed the medication.

Observed fetal abnormalities include deformations of the eyes, skull, head, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, parathyroid and thymus glands. These abnormalities are caused by isotretinoin because it is chemically similar to retinoic acid, another vitamin A derivative. Retinoic acid determines embryonic positioning during early development, and substituting isotretinoin for it will result in flawed physical development.
Depression is another major complication associated with isotretinoin. In 2006, researchers demonstrated a linkage between the drug and depressive behaviors in mice. Doctors aren’t sure how the drug causes depression, suicide ideation or suicide attempts, but those with mental health issues are recommended to avoid the drug.

Anyone who has taken isotretinoin and suffered from major or permanent complications should consider contacting a drug injury lawyer as soon as possible. These legal experts can counsel a victim on how to seek compensation and guide them through the process.

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