Phantom Vehicle Accidents Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

What Is a Phantom Accident?

A phantom accident is an automobile accident that occurs when one vehicle has left the scene of the accident without being identified. This often leaves the other driver in a bind when trying to obtain insurance coverage for damage caused by a phantom driver.

Two types of accidents can be caused by a phantom driver.

First, a miss and run occurs when the phantom driver’s reckless action causes you to run into another vehicle or stationary object. Second, a hit and run occurs when the phantom driver crashes into your vehicle but fails to stop and exchange information with you.

Even if the phantom vehicle cannot be identified, many drivers have uninsured motorist coverage that will provide benefits for the accident. There are complicated issues of proof involved in submitting these types of claims to your own insurance company. In Texas, you are generally required to prove that the phantom vehicle actually made contact with your vehicle. For example, you might need a witness to testify that a phantom vehicle sideswiped your car, then sped away from the scene. In other cases, an phantom vehicle accident attorney may be available to examine the damage to your vehicle and conclude that it was caused by a phantom driver. It is always a good idea to report the accident to the police and seek medical treatment to document the accident and your injuries.

How Our Houston Phantom Vehicle Accidents Lawyers Can Help

Because of complicated proof issues involved with a phantom accident, if you or someone you know has been injured by a phantom driver, contact a board certified Houston Phantom Accident Attorney to evaluate your potential claim.

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