How Do You Document a Lost Wage Claim

January 21, 2016 Accident Attorney Uncategorized

Missing Work = Lost Wages
Missing Work = Lost Wages

All too often, people who are injured in an auto accident are forced to miss work. This only adds insult to injury when you have mounting expenses and lose wages at the same time. You may miss work to contact the insurance company, have an estimate performed on your vehicle, or seek medical attention. In the most severe cases, you may be too badly injured to return to work.

Maintain Records

It is important to document your time missed from work to assert a claim for lost wages as a result of your car crash. Whether you are paid by the hour or salaried, you may be able to recover for the time you missed from work. To prove your claim, you should maintain records of the following:

  • Time Missed from Work—keep a log of all time missed from work for accident-related reasons. It is too difficult to keep a mental log, then have to compile a written record later. You might forget time you missed from work, which could reduce the value of your claim.
  • Regular Rate of Pay—prepare documentation of your regular wages or salary. In many cases, a few pay stubs will be sufficient proof of your regular wages or salary.
  • Documentation from Your Supervisor—make your supervisor aware of the situation, so your supervisor can verify that the time you missed from work was accident related. Some insurance companies request a letter from your supervisor as additional proof that the time missed from work was, in fact, accident related.