Femur Fractures Are A Complication Of Taking Fosamax

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There are a few complications to be aware of when taking Fosamax and

Medical researchers have found a strong linkage between Fosamax and femur fracture injuries. In nearly all cases, these injuries came on suddenly and occurred during moment of low stress on the bone. Doctors who’ve examined the injuries have found that the thigh bone in these patients is brittle and prone to breaking. Alendronic acid, the main ingredient in this medication, is known to alter bone chemistry in some patients resulting in abnormal bone growth or composition. Over time, this can cause serious breaks and other complications.

Alendronic acid is effective for the treatment of osteoporosis and a few other bone disorders. It works by inhibiting osteoclast activity in the body. Osteoclasts are responsible for absorbing bone tissue. It works in tandem with osteoblasts, which produce new bone tissue. By preventing bone absorption, bone mineral density is maintained, preventing the degenerative effects of osteoporosis. In some patients, though, disturbing this homeostasis can result in serious problems.

Osteoclasts are important because they prevent damaged or diseased bone tissue from remaining in place, and causing damage to the body. If this tissue is not removed, it may weaken bone structure. This is particularly troublesome in the thigh bone, which is why Fosamax and femur fracture injuries are often connected. What makes this risk even worse is that alendronic acid remains in the body for years, and is only removed during osteoclast absorption. Its presence can also cause the growth of enlarged or multinucleated osteoclasts, which behave differently than normal osteoclasts. All of these factors together can result in unpredictable effects on bone.

Many who have had damaging side effects from taking this drug have chosen to speak with an attorney to discuss their options.

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