Truck drivers are asked to drive hundreds of miles in a single day, make their deliveries on time, and take their pay by the mile – so is it any surprise that fatigue is a constant concern? But just how much of a concern it is depends on who is doing the talking. Safety researchers […]

Many people are injured every year due to another party’s negligence, which is why it’s important to understand which types of cases accident lawyers often help with. There are a variety of circumstances that can result in personal injury. Let’s examine some of the most common personal injury case types that experienced accident lawyers regularly […]

Pokemon Go

No game has ever captured the world like Pokemon Go. Why are so many people trying to catch them all? How can people stay safe while doing so? Anyone who came of age in the 90s, or anyone who had a child who came of age in the 90s, probably remembers the world of Pokemon […]

When a consumer suffers personal injury or loss due to a product that did not perform as intended, a defective products attorney may be an option. The victims in these types of cases have often suffered a terrible injury or loss of life that simply could have been avoided had the manufacturer been more diligent […]

When an automobile accident occurs due to the negligence of another party, a car accident attorney can be helpful in many ways. First, they can help determine who is the at-fault party or parties. For example, if a mechanical defect was present in the vehicle, but the manufacturer failed to inform all customers in a […]

The ugly cloud of asbestos has been a burden on American workers for decades, causing numerous health problems and deaths over the years. A mesothelioma cancer attorney can work with you in an attempt to help you secure compensation for your hardship. Asbestos had been a known carcinogen for many years. But some companies chose […]

Accidental Fatality

If someone you know has died due to what you believe to be negligent behavior by another individual, a wrongful death suit may be the most effective way to receive suitable compensation. A wrongful death can be defined as a situation where a victim’s demise was caused by a lack of safety and care. In […]

Statistics indicate that roadways across the United States can be dangerous even for the most careful driver. Regardless of how experienced a driver may be behind the wheel, how cautious a driver may be around other vehicles, and how defensive a driver’s outlook, there’s always the chance that an accident can occur due to the […]

Have you or someone you know been injured in a workplace incident? If so, workers compensation lawyers may be able to help hold your employer fully accountable. Employers and insurance companies don’t always grant requests for compensation; in fact, some have been known to reject them just because they don’t think you’re going to appeal […]

Each year thousands of people enjoy vacation cruises to ports all over the globe. There is no question that a cruise can be a delightful experience for all involved, with a chance to visit exotic locales and enjoy gourmet dining twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The trip may include shopping and entertainment […]