Product Liability Lawyer

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently working hard to notify consumers that they may have purchased some contaminated baking mixes between December 2015 and February 2016. The specific mixes in question contain General Mills flour that could be tied to an ongoing E. coli O121 outbreak. Exactly What is E. Coli? The Mayo […]

When a dangerous dog renders a bite, a lawyer may be able to build a case needed to hold the animal’s owner responsible. This is easier said than done, though, as in many states, Texas included, owners are protected by the one-bite-rule. This stipulation states that animal owners are not considered responsible if their pet […]

Many Americans were frightened by the recent JetBlue airplane turbulence that led to more than 20 passengers and two crew members being taken to a hospital for evaluation and possible treatment. After all, many of us have flown on planes during our lives that began moving up and down in a rather haphazard fashion. When […]

Bus travel offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to air travel. As such, many more people are turning to that mode of transportation for their interstate or recreational travel needs. But with the increase in ridership, there is a congruent increase in accidents. Some of these are minor, such as colliding with a sign, not […]

Explosion Injuries in Houston, TX

When an accident involves an explosion, wrongful death claims often follow, as these accidents often involve negligence at some level. Defective products, poor wiring and lax safety measures can all result in a major accident that involves a sudden detonation. They can occur anywhere, including the home, but they tend to happen most often in […]

An auto injury lawyer can be of significant assistance when filing a claim against a car insurance company and facing their attorneys. A personal injury lawyer understands the laws and procedures involved in these type of situations. They will handle the paperwork and details, acting as an advocate throughout the entire process. If an injury […]

Tire separation cases are the most common form of wheel failure, and they often result in tragic outcomes. To an extent, they are inevitable, as rubber and steel do not adhere together easily. However, poor manufacturing practices make tire failure much more likely. Manufacturers push their workers to the limit, sometimes requiring them to work […]

A rail crash is like no other type of accident, as the forces involved are extreme. Nothing on the road is a match for a train, and when a car or truck collide with one, the result is often tragic. According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) 2015 data, there were 11,305 accidents involving trains, […]

This week a distracted driver in Japan crashed into two women crossing the street. One woman suffered a fatal injury, and the other woman is currently hospitalized. The driver’s distraction was Pokémon Go. The most notorious driving distraction in recent years has been texting. Since the advent of the cell phone, drivers have been easily […]

A birth injury to can be deeply traumatic for any family who has to experience it. Injuries during delivery can range from minor to life changing, and the stress of having to deal with the consequences can be unbearable. If you or someone you care about believes that you have been victimized due to the […]