2021 College Scholarship Application Form - CLOSED

the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant 2021 college scholarship – is now closed, please check back again next year

Attorney Terry Bryant will be awarding the annual college scholarship to one high school senior in the nation. This scholarship gives students an opportunity to help fund their education by presenting their own innovative solutions to pressing concerns within their community. To apply for the Terry Bryant College Scholarship, a student must submit a written essay, video, or PowerPoint presentation focused on one of the following subjects:

  • Underage drinking
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving

Reckless driving has a tragic impact on communities around the nation every year, and we need solutions. Our firm is confident that the country’s best and brightest students can help solve the problem, and the winning applicant will receive a $2,500 scholarship for their efforts. For a student entering college, $2,500 can help a great deal with tuition, books, housing, and other expenses. The Terry Bryant College Scholarship aims to support and encourage our youth and the communities they were raised in.


The Terry Bryant College Scholarship is available to all current U.S. high school seniors, regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Applicants must also have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and must be planning to enter an accredited four-year university to pursue a degree.


All applicants must include these materials with their entry:

  • A fully completed application for entry.
  • A recent photo of the applicant – attached to the application
  • A written essay, video, or PowerPoint presentation that addresses the dangers of drunk driving, underage drinking, or distracted driving and how to prevent them
    • If the video presentation is chosen, please upload to a video hosting site (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and provide the URL in the space provided.
  • A high school transcript (either unofficial or official) that includes the student’s class rank and size
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • At least two letters of recommendation that discuss the applicant’s achievements, academic potential, and involvement in their school and community. Letters of recommendation may be written by teachers, academic advisors, employers, coaches, school administrators, family friends, or religious leaders.

How to structure your presentation

Teenagers are more likely to suffer alcohol-related injuries and fatalities compared to people of other ages. Teenagers also have the highest crash and traffic violation rates in the country, often attributed to distracted or reckless driving. Applicants are encouraged to create a presentation that not only urges other teenagers to avoid underage drinking, drunk driving, or distracted driving, but also highlights their dangers. Applicants may also present possible solutions to reduce these issues. Applicants have several options on how to create their presentation, including:

  • Video: A video presentation must be recorded and uploaded to a video hosting site (such as YouTube or Vimeo). The video description should clearly display the applicant’s name and the name of their school. The video must be 60 seconds or less and structured like a public service announcement. A copy of the script must be included with the presentation.
  • Essay: An essay presentation must be typed, double-spaced, and 750 – 1,000 words.
  • PowerPoint: PowerPoint presentations must be at least 15 slides long. The applicant’s name and name of school must be displayed on the title slide.

Award process

Terry Bryant will choose a single winner with a team of judges representing the firm. To make their decision, the judges will weigh the presentation along with academic achievements, community and school activities, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Each presentation will be judged on the quality of analysis and discussion of the chosen topic. Presentations containing profane or inappropriate material as well as presentations submitted after June 1, 2021, are prohibited. Presentations must also be free of copyrighted content and must be supported with cited sources.
The decision of the judging team is final, and the winning applicant will be notified by telephone. The winning applicant will receive a $2,500 scholarship in the form of a single installment. Checks will be made out to the student and the university they plan to attend.

Entry ownership

All entry materials submitted by applicants, including all copyright and trademark rights, become the property of Terry Bryant PLLC once submitted. Applicants who submit entry materials associated with the scholarship contest acknowledge Terry Bryant’s rights to display, distribute, modify, publish, reproduce, and promote the content without compensation to the applicant or anyone else. No submissions will be returned to applicants.

Use of personal information

The college scholarship winner, finalists, and honorable mentions, and their legal guardians agree to consent to the use of their name, their content, their photo, the name of their school, and their area of residence, as well as any award information for promotional purposes without additional compensation.

Entry Deadline

The deadline for the college scholarship is midnight on June 1, 2021.


By submitting an application for the Terry Bryant College Scholarship, you agree to hold Terry Bryant PLLC and its employees harmless from any liability associated with the scholarship contest or the award process. Terry Bryant reserves the right to use content submitted for the contest.