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Nominate a Teacher & Their School: Pencils 4 Students Campaign

Nominations Are Now Closed

Terry Bryant Honors Teachers in Second Annual Pencils 4 Students Campaign

UPDATE [June 14, 2024]: 65 Teachers Nominated.

Thank you for participating in our giveaway for Houston-area teachers! Though the giveaway has ended, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page to find the list of winners and to follow our firm, so you’ll receive updates on future giveaways.

Teachers throughout Houston lift up and inspire our young children, and Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law wants to salute and reward these outstanding efforts by educators.

In its second annual “Pencils 4 Students” campaign, the Houston law firm once again gave away thousands of pencils to Houston-area students. This year, 10 Houston-area elementary schools received pencils for every enrolled student. Additionally, Terry Bryant awarded $250 prizes to 10 teachers in Houston-area elementary schools as a way of thanking them for their service. Through the first nomination of an elementary school’s teacher, that school was entered into the free pencil drawing.

The 10 winning teachers received checks for $250 each, which can be spent on anything they want. The gifts are not restricted in any way. The $250 checks are an expression of our gratitude for the hard work, compassion, and enduring spirit of teachers. Each unique nomination of a teacher was added to the drawing for the 10 cash prizes – but a specific teacher can only win once. The 10 winning teachers have been randomly selected.

The 10 winning elementary schools – received a pencil for every student enrolled – and was chosen randomly from the teacher nominations. Each unique teacher nomination from a specific school was added to the drawing for free pencils – but a specific school can only win once.


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2021 Winning Teachers

  • Becky Marr (of Buffalo Creek Elementary School)
  • Rebecca Macias (of Rosehill Elementary School)
  • Aurora Freire (of Tice Elementary School)
  • Maria Garza (of Bonner Elementary School)
  • Brittany Smith (of Carter Academy)
  • Maria Flores (of Pyburn Elementary School)
  • Thania Carmen Cadena (of Emerson Elementary School)
  • Latoshea Salter (of Hearne Elementary School)
  • Demeeka Posey (of Eagle Springs Elementary School)
  • Beverly Rector (of Sinclair Elementary School)

2021 Winning Schools

  • Spring Shadows Elementary School
  • West University Elementary School
  • Ermel Elementary School
  • Hearne Elementary School
  • Bonner Elementary School
  • Mueller Elementary School
  • Burnett Elementary School
  • Wilder Elementary School
  • Sparks Elementary School
  • Tice Elementary School


Amanda Sudduth, West University Elementary School

She gives 100% to each and every student – and helps bring out the best in them.

Claudia Pantin, Jenks Elementary School

Ms. Pantin is very professional and knowledge, dedicated, and hard-working.

Natalia Calvete, Jenks Elementary School

She is dedicated, professional, and sweet.

Rebecca Macias, Rosehill Elementary School (Tomball ISD)

She is a great teacher! She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her students succeed.

Kristi Dina, Spring Branch Academic Institute

Ms McCord, Garden Oaks Montessori

Ms McCord does a great job of working with all levels of students during these unique times

Mr. Lopez, Chambers Elementary

He is such a dedicated teacher, cares so much about his students. You can tell he loves being a teacher.

Patricia Beisty, Crenshaw Elementary

Ms. Beisty is a dedicated teacher that is always coming up with fun ways to incorporate learning in her classroom. She provides her students with lots of extras throughout the year that she pays for herself to insure her students have what they need to be successful learners.

Rebecca Drisdale, Copeland Elementary

She has a way to make each student feel welcome, loved and excited to learn.

Cindy Adam, Copeland Elementary

Ms. Adam worked so hard last school year keeping all students engaged, at home or in the room. She helped my son grow in confidence in his writing skills.

Becky Marr, Buffalo Creek Elementary

As we celebrate our 25th school year, she’s one of two original Bison still teaching. The gym is consistently full of wonder, excitement, learning, and fun. From the inception of free swim lessons through a partnership with the YMCA to a partnership with the American Heart Association to high school athletic field trips to live zoom classes during a pandemic, our Bison are given a plethora of opportunities to engage in new and wonderful experiences.

Shirley Mertz, Harvey Brown Elementary

Despite the pandemic, Mrs. Mertz continued to motivate her students to learn. She kept herself up to date by learning all the new learning platforms and making online as well as face to face instruction engaging and fun. As a student she is that teacher that you thank for pushing you go further than you even thought possible and as a colleague she is that teacher friend that you can go to for help or to just talk to cause she understands. She is a wonderful role model to the community and all those who she crosses paths with.

Melisa Evans, Burnett Elementary- Pasadena ISD

Melisa Evans is a dedicated Dyslexia teacher at Burnett Elementary in Pasadena ISD. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of her students to help them become successful learners. Mrs. Evans also has such and upbeat and positive personality and is loved by all her school family. She would be very deserving of this honor!

Imelda Hernandez, Cimarron Elem

Imelda is an incredible educator who opens up worlds of learning for her Speical Ed. students. Her passion for learning keeps her growing as an educator. She’s always researching new ways to help her students.

Aurora González de Freire, Tice Elementary

She goes above and beyond in helping her Bilingual students make the grade!

Aurora Freire, Time Elementary

There are many great things that make Aurora great, so many I would be here all day. The top 2 though that come to mind though is compassion and determination. She is not only compassionate about humans in general but animals as well. This woman goes above and beyond to educate our youth of all cultures. She is determined to spread her experiences of the real world to her kids I’m order to make them well rounded contributing adults. From not only the classroom but outside of it as well she teaches those struggling with tragedy through her books to help them cope with such tragedies. She also spends great time helping find homes for dogs that have faced tragedies such as displacement from storms, being lost or just needing a better fit. She teaches this compassion as well to her students as well as her own kids. Her skills make her a wonderful aspect to our youth and this is why I nominate her.

Aurora Freire, Tice Elementary School

She works hard to give her students what they need to be successful.

Aurora Freire, Tice Elementary

Aurora Freire, Tice Elementary

Cares about each child’s well-being and future.

Thania Carmen Cadena, Emerson Elementary

She loves her students. Teaches with her heart.

Aurora Freire, Tice Elementary

Mrs. Freire is a one-of-a-kind “SUPER” teacher. She is smart and creative as a teacher. She has a heart of GOLD! She makes every child feel special and she pulls out the BEST in each one. She engages them in service to the school and community.

Aurora González de Freire, Tice Elementary

Maria Garza, Bonner Elementary can

Mrs.Garza loves all her students like they were her own. She has a lot of patience for her 1st graders and has a great communication system with the students parents. Parents have nothing but nice things to say about her every school year. I have worked with her for 16 years and never have a heard a complaint from a parent or her students ❤️

Nilka Suarez, Sparks Elementary

Students love to go into her class to play learning math skills.

Aurora Freire, Tice elementary

Reliability is incredible. Even during this pandemic, she never fails to report to work. Outstanding work ethic. She should be hired by this law firm in some capacity. She’s that good.

Leslie Howell, Brill Elementary

Leslie Howell is a beloved teacher by all of her students. She loves them and shows it by attending their games outside of school, helping them succeed, making each feel like they are her favorite. She is going through aggressive chemo and still teaching and not letting it hold her back! She needs and deserves this recognition because she isn’t even allowing her cancer and aggressive chemo to hold her back. She is exceptional in the classroom and is amazing!

Mrs Colangelo, Valley Ranch Elementary (New caney isd)

She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are happy and comfortable, and communicates with me as a parent more than any teacher my kids have ever had. If my child is having a rough morning or something is going wrong, she will message or call to see if we can figure a solution so the rest of my child’s day can go smoothly and productively. She genuinely cares that her kids enjoy learning and participating in her class.. Mrs Colangelo was trying to purchase different kinds of chairs for her classroom, such as the wiggle chairs, so that each student could have a seat that would make them comfortable and let them focus on learning. I hope she wins and can get more chairs and whatever else she needs!

Ashley Bradford, Arcadia baptist church

She is so gracious and patient with our students. Giving them the love and knowledge they need everyday.

Brandy McGhee, Harmony School of Achievement

Ambitious first year kinder teacher, she loves working everyday and coming up with plenty of resources for wH of them. She calls them her scholars and she spent her whole summer perfectly planning her decor so they would have a welcoming environment. She doesn’t just have 2 children at home, she has an additional 30 that she loves just as much. She second guesses buying herself shoes so she can buy 30+ notebooks or pencil cases for math toolkits so they can be safe and not share. She truly loves what she does.

Victoria Franco, Highlands Elementary FBISD

Victoria graduated from Texas State University in 2020 and had to overcome learning a new way to teach because of the pandemic. She spent her first year teaching online, because of covid and was rookie Teacher of the Year! She is great with her 4th grade in person class this year and has such a heart for teaching!

Sarah Hill, Spring Shadows Elementary

Ms. Hill goes above and beyond to make learning fun and enjoyable for all her students. She is supportive and has all her students best interest at heart.

Becky Marr, Buffalo Creek Elementary

Leslie Castro, Crespo Elementary School

Ms. Castro started as a parent volunteer at Crespo and has helped the community for 6 years. She has created health fairs, food bank drives to name a few. She has advocated for the parents and has worked herself up to become a professional educator. Ms. Castro has been at Crespo for two years as a 5th grade teacher. She is a very good teacher that puts her students first. She has purchased many supplies out of her own money to make sure that no student is left behind. Ms. Castro also won beginning teacher of the year (2020-2021) which shows how dedicated she is. Ms. Castro always goes above and beyond with any given task. These and many more reasons is why Ms. Castro is a great teacher.

Ms. Phantaja Hoskins, Herod Elementary

Ms. Hoskins has a beautiful heart and goes above and beyond for all of her students!

Ms. Logue, Herod Elementary

Ms. Logue cares so much and has a big heart when it comes to the students at Herod! She is always there with a helping hand and warm smile!

Mrs.Bamba, Pyburn Elementary School

Mrs. Bamba has been a teacher for this elementary for years. My son had her and now my daughter. She is a very hard working women. I see her going the extra mile to get the kids where they need to be. She gives her heart out so they will have a better future. She is strick and want the best for our kids. This is why I nominated Mrs. Bamba the best teacher of the years. Thank you

Harmony Hernandez, Thomas Hancock elementary

She always is there and believes in her students and all the kids at her school. She loves helping others.

Mrs. Yarborough, Wilder Elementary, Alvin ISD

Mrs. Yarborough always goes above and beyond for her students and her fellow teachers! She often works extra hours to ensure our campus Student Council program runs smoothly and meets the needs of our students.

Nicole Pavlicek, Valley Oaks Elementary

I would like to nominate Nicole Pavlicek for this award. She is the best teacher we have ever had. As a kindergarten teacher, she is a natural cheerleader, but her ability to stay engaged in a virtual setting is amazing. I cannot tell you the number of hours she must spend 100s of hours during the summer prepping for her classroom. Each child is given a huge packet every two weeks filled with personalized booklets, worksheets, projects, and other supplies with detailed instructions on where to keep them and what they are for. Each week she sends a detailed email of what we will be doing each day, themes, and what we need to know. Her communication style is the best I have ever had in the public school setting. On Friday, she sends another email recapping the week, successes, and what we, the parents can do to reinforce what the kids are learning. This is not new for the virtual setting last year. We had her when my son was in Kinder 2 years ago. In our 3 years at VoE, no other teacher has communicated as much as she does. Ms. Pavelicek has a wonderful way to correct the kids with a smile and a wonderful attitude. They feel loved and work hard for her every day

Demeeka Posey, Eagle Springs Elementary

Demeeka is a second grade. She is patient & kind. She is a positive influence for all kids.

Mary Bajikar, Neff Early Learning

She provides accessible education for all. She goes above and beyond to advocate for children without resources. She does all these with a contagious cheerful personality!

Cassanthia Penn, Ermel Elementary

This teacher has a big heart for the students. When the students don’t have supplies she purchases them. If a student may not have proper uniforms she provides for them. She always wants the students to feel they are a part of the class not a part of the island.

Destiny Shantell Woodbury, TheAnchorSchool

She teaches students about grit.

Monica Schaffer, Eiland elementary (Klein isd)

She works extremely hard to ensure all of her students leave her ready for the next grade level. Furthermore, she is a bilingual teacher who is bridging a language barrier every single day she teaches.

Keila Santini, North Belt Elementary

She has a positive outlook, provides a fun and safe environment for all students, has the best relationship with all students. She oozes creativity and is willing to push other teachers to make the classroom a more interactive and enjoyable place to learn, work, and teach.

Maria Flores, Pyburn Elementary

Mrs Flores is the true definition of a teacher. She is one of the first to arrive on campus every day and one of the last one to leave. She is the GT coordinator, Robotics Teacher, and Soccer Coach and those are just her extra duties! She has won Pyburn teacher of the year on two occasions and both have been well deserved.

Vannesa Espinoza, De Chaumes Elementary School

She goes above and beyond every year for thee children.

Mrs. Kyra Harris, Cummings Elementary School

She goes above and beyond for her students.

Mrs. Tamara Willis, Stovall Primary School

She goes above and beyond for her students, making sure they’re okay at school and even after they’re no longer her students.

Aurora Gonzalez de Freire, Tice Elementary

She goes above and beyond in helping her Bilingual students make the grade!

Antario Washington, Benjamin Franklin Elementary

I nominate Mr.Washington as he has high energy engaging his pre kindergarten students.

I love seeing the students sing 🎶 all together in the hallways as they go to lunch or the recess.

They seem to be all in sync and they are so happy. He is creating such a positive experience for our young scholars.

Debra Helbert, Jane Long Elementary School LCISD

For the last 30 years Debra had taught at Jane Long Elementary. She is the biggest cheerleader on campus, knows all the families, and holds kids to high standards and expectations every single day! The saying is… Jane Long Texans are the best!!!! Well, Mrs. Helbert is too

Tanya Hensley, South Belt Elementary

As a teacher for 13 years, she goes above and beyond for her students every single day. The children love her and always come back to see her through the years. My child had her in 1st Grade and had since graduated high school. She still remembers her vividly to this day. She purchases school supplies for her students who can’t afford them in a Title 1 school. I even observed her give the sweater off of her back to a child who was cold. Her love for children is unconditional!

Net Monsanto, Hearne Elementary-Alief ISD

Ms. Monsanto loves her students and makes learning a joy. She loves her students first and recognizes that without positive and genuine relationships, learning cannot occur. She is the reason that my daughter loves school and allows my daughter to be innovative and explore learning outside of the regular classroom curriculum. Ms. Monsanto is one of a kind and is a beacon of light wherever she goes.

Ms.nygard, Lieder elementary

Amazing teacher

Ms. Aurora Freire, Tice Elementary

Ms. Aurora Freire is the quintessential teacher who loves her calling. She’s unequivocally dedicated to teaching the way each of her students learn. With boundless creativity Ms. Freire makes her lessons challenging and fun. She has even authored two award winning English / Spanish bilingual children’s books featuring Harvey Bear and his time during Hurricane Harvey. Ms. Freire is an extraordinary teacher and would be a worthy and appreciative recipient.

Shelly Pierce, Whitcomb elementary

Her authenticity and consistency. She is an amazing kindergarten teacher that makes my daughter want to get up and go to school everyday.

Mrs. Lizzie Smith, Kolter Elementary School

Mrs. Smith is an amazing teacher who works very hard for her students. She meets each student where he or she is, and then takes them to the next level.

Mrs. O’Neal, Mueller Elementary

Mrs. O’Neal is a wonderful 1st grade teacher. She is patient and nurturing. She gives 110% to her class. She has continued and consistent communication with her group of children and their parents. She made the pandemic year a great one by showing us how are children were safe once they returned to school. She was awarded teacher of the year. She is a loving mother and leads her 1st grade team with heart.

Ms Rector, Sinclair elementary

She’s been an awesome teacher throughout the years she’s been my kids teacher, my nieces and nephews teacher and now my nieces son teacher. She teaches through her soul and shows these kids not only what needs to be learned in an educational stance but that she cares for their futures.

Mrs. McClintock, West U Elementary School

Smart, kind, dedicated!

Brittany Smith, Carter Academy

Ms. Smith is very hands on with the students and parents. She ensures that each parent is informed on the grows and glows of their child. She has taught both my kids and they absolutely love her! She is patient and has a true love for language arts. She can connect to any student from any background. You can truly see her “why” in the way she cares and loves her students.

Mrs. Amanda Sudduth, West University Elementary School

She is incredibly kind, dedicated and hard working. She gets to know each of her students so well and prioritizes their emotional wellbeing as step 1, then introduces and advances the academics. She is truly exceptional.

Latoshea Salter, Hearne Elementary

I am nominating myself, I really need resources in my class to help my scholars. I am great because I love my kids, it’s more than a occupation. It’s my life, and I give daily to ensure their future is bright. Any monies would be sowed into my classroom, so don’t do it for me do for my students!!

Jamison Levine, Birnham Woods Elementary

Everything!! When school ends for the day she doesn’t she sometimes won’t leave until 9 at night so she can continue to get as much prepared for her kids as possible. During the day she does 100% . She is always trying new things to help every child react their goals. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was in 2nd grade and she made her dream come true with hard work.