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Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

The Terry Bryant law firm has been fighting for injured victims’ rights since 1985. Through these years, we’ve gained authority in the community as a trusted and experienced legal team.


Terry Bryant is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a former judge, which means he knows the legal system, and he knows Texas. With more than 30 years of legal experience in Houston, we are confident in handling a number of claims, including: personal injuries, car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, motorcycle crashes, and more. Read more about our law firm and learn how we have helped injured victims just like you get the maximum amount of compensation they’re owed.

At Terry Bryant, we know the law, and we know how to build strong cases for our clients. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have the experience and the resources to help you and your loved ones after many types of accidents and injuries.


Married couple sustained serious injuries as a result of a head-on car wreck. Net to client: $10,606,595


Plaintiff sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car wreck. Net to client: $5,457,619


Plaintiff injured and had surgery to his arm, shoulder and neck as a result of a refinery explosion. Net to client: $2,067,210

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What Makes Our Lawyers Successful

Our Houston injury attorneys help make life easier while recovering from an accident and pursuing your injury claim. They handle the many processes required in filing a claim, such as preparing documents, staying on top of dates and deadlines, and corresponding with third parties – including the insurance agencies. An attorney also conducts investigations, consults expert witnesses, and builds a sound case to try to maximize a client’s chances of a successful claim.

Thorough preparation is the cornerstone of a successful lawsuit. Gathering evidence, conducting investigations, preparing presentations, considering various arguments and counter-arguments – these are just a few things that attorneys must do to prepare a case. An attorney’s resources and access to expert witnesses are also key components of a favorable outcome.

At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we know what is needed to win your case. We give our clients 110%, and employ the necessary resources toward working to achieve successful outcomes. We not only handle the daily processes required with a claim, but we also go the extra mile to ensure our clients understand what is going on with their case. Our team is handpicked for their work ethic, skill, knowledge, and ability to provide exceptional service to our clients in Houston and across Texas.


No one should be in the dark about their personal injury. This eBook simplifies the process of filing a claim and offers important tips useful for anyone wanting to learn more about Texas personal injury law.

Download our free eBook to better understand your injury, learn basic litigation concepts and find out how to choose an attorney.

Houston Personal Injury Lawsuits

A drunk driver crashed into the back of our truck. I suffered a sprained neck and back, and my husband suffered a laceration across his forehead, which required several stitches. The accident prevented my husband’s ability to work. Terry Bryant fought tirelessly for us, and we received a substantial amount of compensation for our loss.

- Deborah and Caesar P.

I felt more like family than a client because they work so closely with us. Terry and his staff worked with me and were in communication with me constantly, keeping me abreast. I could call at any time, I could visit at any time, and their office and phone was always open to me and my family.

- Ray M.

Terry Bryant worked hard to take care of my case. He got me everything I needed and then some!

- Kashica W.

They were mainly concerned about my well-being, and pushing me to see the doctors, and making sure I was keeping up with the physical therapy. They most definitely treated me with respect and I would recommend them!

- Quentin B.

The staff was very professional. I felt like their main concern was me getting better. I didn’t have to take care of my bills. I didn’t have to take care of calling the insurance company. They took care of everything.

- Debra G.

The day that I called, since I didn’t have a car to get to the office, they came to me. They made it easy with my paperwork. Terry Bryant really just wanted me to focus on getting better and he could take care of all of my problems.

- Marquita C.

Your Questions... Answered.

What Makes a Good Attorney?

A good attorney is always prepared, has a deep understanding of the law, and provides excellent client service. They are willing to devote time, effort, and resources to make sure their clients get the best possible results.

How Do I Know If I Have a Claim?

Consider these three things...

- Have you suffered a serious injury?
- Has that injury been costly?
- Was the injury caused by someone else?

If the answers are yes, then you should think about pursuing an injury claim. If you’ve suffered costly, expensive injuries because of someone else’s negligence, then you have a legal right to seek compensation.

How Much is My Case Worth?

There’s no way a lawyer can offer an estimate without knowing all of the details in your case. However, you can begin determining the value of your claim by factoring in the damages you have experienced. This includes all the costs of medical treatment, property damage and lost income.

Who Can Be Sued?

The party responsible for your injuries should be held accountable for the costs you are facing. Sometimes multiple parties contribute to one single incident, in which case several people might be named in a lawsuit.

Should I Feel Bad About Suing Someone?

A personal injury claim is simply an attempt to get an injured person what they are owed. You shouldn’t feel bad about asking for compensation. The costs associated with serious injuries can be overwhelming, and it is only fair to ask the party responsible for causing the injury to pay their share.

What Expenses are Covered?

The costs associated with an accident or injury can be pursued in a claim. In most cases, this includes, but is not limited to...

- Medical expenses – covering costs of tests, treatment, rehabilitation, and medication
- Property damage and repair bills
- Missed time at work
- Loss of future earnings due to limited work capacity.

A claim will also include non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, in addition to “punitive” damages that are intended to punish the negligent party.

What Is Negligence?

Negligence is a general disregard for the safety of others. It can also be called carelessness or recklessness. If a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking too much, they are negligent. If a business owner fails to ensure the safety of their property and someone is injured as a result, their negligence caused that injury.

How Is Fault Determined?

In some cases, fault is obvious. This is often the case with an impaired driver who causes a car accident. In others, determining fault can require more investigation. This is one of the benefits of hiring a skilled, experienced attorney. They will investigate the causes of your injury to determine who was at fault.

What Should I Do After Being Injured?

After you’ve been injured, you should seek immediate medical treatment and notify someone of the incident. After a vehicle accident, for example, you’ll notify the police. After a workplace incident, you’ll notify your supervisor or employer.

Consider making one of your first actions contacting a Houston personal injury lawyer. In the wake of an accident or serious injury, there can be a lot of confusion and several opportunities for mistakes that lead to your getting less compensation than you deserve. By retaining the services of an injury attorney in Houston as soon as possible, you’ll be confident that you aren’t doing yourself any harm.

In the days, weeks, and months that follow an accident, you should keep track of all expenses you encounter. This includes medical bills, property repair bills, and other costs you face. Keep copies of any correspondence you receive from insurance agencies or other attorneys. Your attorney can use these documents to determine how much compensation you are owed.

Uncertainty is one of the most challenging parts of living with a serious injury. Many of the questions potential clients ask our Texas personal injury attorneys can be addressed only in a consultation. Every case is different, and what is true in someone else’s case might not be true in yours.

To find out specific answers to questions about your personal injury, we encourage you to contact Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law. Let us find out more about your situation so we can tell you your options.

There are a few basic ideas that are consistent, regardless of a client’s unique circumstances. We’ve tackled a few of the most frequently asked questions. From who you might name in a Houston lawsuit to what you should do after suffering an injury, the information we provide will help you understand some essential aspects of personal injury law in Houston and across Texas.


Your Personal Injury Attorney in Houston

People call us when things go wrong. We’re proud to be the first lawyers our clients call when they need help, and we make sure we deliver results.


Too many people have paid the price for someone else’s failings, often because they felt overwhelmed by their injuries and the prospect of a legal fight. Our Houston personal injury lawyers fight for you, so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

We take our role as advocates seriously. Whether we’re representing injured workers, motorists or consumers, we are the front line for our clients.

The legal system can work for injured Texans, even when it seems like every other circumstance is working against them.

We fight to get our clients the payment they need, but our services go beyond the basics of personal injury claims. Our team uses all our resources to make sure clients have the help and support they need to get their lives back to normal.

If you’ve been injured, you deserve a support team. Let Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law take up the fight on your behalf.

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