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The Terry Bryant law firm has been fighting for injured victims’ rights since 1985. Through these years, we’ve gained authority in the community as a trusted and experienced legal team.

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Terry Bryant is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a former judge, which means he knows the legal system, and he knows Texas. With more than 30 years of legal experience, we are confident in handling a number of claims, including: personal injuries, car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, motorcycle crashes, and more. Read more about our law firm and learn how we have helped injured victims just like you get the maximum amount of compensation they’re owed.

At Terry Bryant, we know the law, and we know how to build strong cases for our clients. Our Houston personal injury lawyers have the experience and the resources to help you and your loved ones after many types of accidents and injuries.

At Terry Bryant, we fight injustice no matter how big or influential the opponent. We have litigated numerous high profile cases on behalf of our clients, including those against corporations, pharmaceutical giants, and insurance companies.

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Terry Bryant is Board Certified in personal injury law. That means he has demonstrated his extensive knowledge of evidence, procedure, and other substantive laws involved in the trial of personal injury cases. He knows the law inside and out. He knows what he’s doing. Find out why Board Certification makes a difference.

If you’ve been injured or treated unfairly, we want to put our knowledge of the law to work for you, today. Give our Houston personal injury attorneys a call at (800) 444-5000 or fill out a FREE initial consultation form. The No Fee Guarantee® means you pay us nothing unless you get your money.

The law firm of Terry Bryant is located in Houston, Texas. We make a simple promise: If we can’t help you, we will try to find someone who can.

Why You Need an Attorney & What Makes Us Successful

Our attorneys help make life easier while recovering from an accident and pursuing your injury claim. They handle the many processes required in filing a claim, such as preparing documents, staying on top of dates and deadlines, and corresponding with third parties – including the insurance agencies. An attorney also conducts investigations, consults expert witnesses, and builds a sound case to try to maximize a client’s chances of a successful claim.

Thorough preparation is the cornerstone of a successful lawsuit. Gathering evidence, conducting investigations, preparing presentations, considering various arguments and counter-arguments – these are just a few things that attorneys must do to prepare a case. An attorney’s resources and access to expert witnesses are also key components of a favorable outcome.

At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we know what is needed to win your case. We give our clients 110%, and employ the necessary resources toward working to achieve successful outcomes. We not only handle the daily processes required with a claim, but we also go the extra mile to ensure our clients understand what is going on with their case. Our team is handpicked for their work ethic, skill, knowledge, and ability to provide exceptional service to our clients. See Our Client Testimonials and Winning Case Results