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In San Antonio, a bus accident often involves a tour or charter carrier company. The Alamo City, with all of its attractions and sights, is a significant tourist draw, so thousands of charter carriers make their way through the area every year. And because so many people rely on them to get around, their drivers must be extremely safe and attentive at all times. However, even a safe driver can’t account for other motorists or dangerous road conditions, and this is what makes these cases difficult to resolve. A single crash can involve several parties, and depending on the events leading up to the wreck, several of them may be liable for any injuries.


When a bus accident occurs, the results are often devastating. A large passenger vehicle is much heavier than other cars on the road, and because they are top heavy, they are prone to tipping over. If you or a loved one has been involved in such an incident, a bus accident lawyer can provide the expertise and guidance needed. As such, crashes involving these vehicles often result in serious injuries and possible loss of life. Charter companies therefore must be careful with whom they hire and how they train their drivers. Consulting a car accident lawyer can provide valuable insights on liability and legal rights in such situations.

If a touring company doesn’t maintain their fleet of vehicles, they have to hire a company to supply the vehicles and the drivers to operate them. It is the touring company’s responsibility to vet anyone they hire to supply vehicles. For example, if the touring company hires a service with a history of safety violations, and the service’s driver causes a crash, the touring company may share liability for any injuries.

The company responsible for maintaining the vehicles is also charged with a duty of care. If the driver causes a wreck due to their inattention or negligence, or if the crash is due to mechanical failure, the vehicle owner will likely share liability. Consulting a vehicle accident lawyer can provide clarity on these matters. The owning company must inspect their vehicles regularly and perform regular maintenance to ensure their safe performance.

Sometimes, a crash is caused by another motorist’s negligence. For example, if another motorist rams the vehicle after running or red light, they will be liable for any injuries.

Finally, a touring vehicle will often stop at multiple destinations during its route. These destinations, which are normally tourist attractions, must provide a safe place for the vehicle to offload passengers and must keep these stops free of any dangers.

Normally, when a common carrier crashes in San Antonio, the bus accident is the result of contributory negligence. This means that multiple parties will share liability, so the victim will have to bring a suit against each of them. This can greatly increase the complexity of a case, so victims are encouraged to consult with an injury attorney as soon as they can following a crash to review their legal options.

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