What Are Common Causes Of A Fire Accident & Burn Injuries?

Common Causes of Fire Accidents

A fire accident can be caused by many hazards, such as a propane tank, a defective product, a vehicle crash, or poor workplace safety. Because burns can be the result of many kinds of accidents, there isn’t a standard legal process for dealing with them, other than filing a negligence or workers compensation claim. However, because burns frequently leave permanent complications and even disfiguring scars, settlements tend to be higher when burns are present. An injury attorney is especially important for burn cases, as victims may have to face lifelong expenses as a result of their injury.


Fire can break out nearly anywhere, but there are some settings where it is a particular danger. These situations include:

  • Workplaces where heavy machinery or industrial equipment is involved. Both heavy machinery and industrial equipment rely on sophisticated electronics to function, and any electrical fault can throw a spark that may produce a flame. Employers must maintain their machinery to ensure that this does not happen.
  • Factories that produce some form of dust as a byproduct. Facilities that work with wood, paper or other materials that can form dust are at a constant risk of a fire accident if there is not an active dust removal system in place. Suspended dust, no matter its composition, can produce an explosive conflagration in the presence of an open flame, and such disasters usually result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Defective products that are either flammable or made with poor-quality electronics. Clothing and appliances, in particular, must be thoroughly tested before they are put on store shelves. In fact, any item that is expected to be anywhere close to a flame must be tested for safety. However, poor appliance wiring can create sparks and fuel a flame, while poor clothing materials may be dangerously flammable. In both cases, the manufacturers will be liable.
  • Vehicle crashes, especially when fuel or other flammable liquids are spilled. A vehicle wreck can create unpredictable injuries and effects, and if a fuel tank is ruptured, or if the crash involves a truck carrying hazardous materials, a flame can quickly ignite. If a driver is trapped in their vehicle or rendered unconscious, injuries can be extremely severe.

A fire accident has greater settlement potential, as burn injuries often take away a victim’s quality of life to a significant degree. Second and third degree burns often leave terrible scars, and if these scars are readily apparent, then the settlement will usually be higher due to emotional damages. Burn injuries can leave a victim with chronic pain or loss of mobility as well, both of which will necessitate ongoing physical therapy.

These factors will all have to be accounted for when a settlement is pursued. Fortunately, an injury attorney will have the victim’s interests in mind and ensure they get the representation they deserve.

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