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Blood thinners are prescribed for an array of conditions, and Pradaxa is one of the more popular ones prescribed for antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy. It is estimated that up to 75% of the population will benefit from a blood thinner in their life, and there are numerous types of blood thinners to target specific areas and conditions. The medication works by reducing the natural rate of blood clotting in the body; however, the blood clotting is slowed in various ways, so there are numerous medications that will target the action differently. If you believe you’ve experienced any complications related to this medication, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified Medical Malpractice lawyer to explore your legal options.

For instance, Warfarin is the oldest and most prescribed blood thinner on the market. It blocks the actions of vitamin K, which helps the body produce blood clots. Whereas Paradaxa, or dabigatran, is a thrombin inhibitor, and it is also one of the newest drugs on the market that has shown success at thinning the blood and preventing blood clots. It is prescribed to reduce the risk of stroke and clots in select patients that have atrial fibrillation.

However, dabigatran has caused serious injury and death resulting in the need to file a Pradaxa lawsuit. People that use the medication have been reported to have a 5 times higher risk of serious bleed-outs than people not taking the medication. As of May 2013, 603 deaths and 2,300 hemorrhages have been associated with people taking the drug. While the FDA is still “investigating” the seriousness of the side effects presented by dabigatran, people and families of those that have suffered serious reactions or deaths are seeking the help of experienced drug lawyers, including wrongful death lawyers.

Investigating whether or not a person qualifies for a Pradaxa lawsuit typically begins by contacting a qualified drug injury attorney. To date five “bellwether trial” dates have been set: August 11, 2014; September 22, 2014; November, 2014; January 5, 2015; and February 16, 2015. At a bellwether trial a large number of plaintiffs are represented at a single time by a few of the plaintiffs, and the judge hears the testimony before making a decision that affects the whole group. The enormity of the victims qualifies the case for a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) instead of a class action.

More than 18,000 side effects and adverse reactions have been reported. However, this dangerous medication is still highly prescribed by healthcare providers. The serious risk of internal, uncontrollable bleeding is unlike similar drugs. For instance, if a patient is presented with rectal hemorrhaging while taking Warfarin, there are options to stop the profuse bleeding; this newer medication has no such safeguards. There is no stopping the bleeding. If you are victim of this medication, it’s essential to consult with a qualified birth injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

A Pradaxa lawsuit could help compensate victims and victims’ families for losses suffered by the dangers of the medication. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals is being held responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by the medication. A qualified drug injury attorney is capable of representing those that have suffered, and there is typically no upfront fee required. In fact, many attorneys will not expect a payment unless there is a positive outcome for the victims.

If a Pradaxa lawsuit is in the future, it is important to always stay safe. Never stop the medication without the help of a licensed physician. Suddenly stopping the medication may increase the risk of stroke or internal bleeding.

It is not possible to reverse the damage suffered by the drug; however, restitution may help relieve future burdens and suffering caused by the medication. Consider contacting a qualified attorney today to explore the options today.

Disclaimer: Do not stop taking a prescription medication without first consulting with your doctor. Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor’s advice can result in injury or death. Cases may be referred to another attorney or law firm.

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