Help Us Help You: Meeting Your Attorney

by Terry Bryant

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This blog post is part one in an eight-part series designed to help you understand how our office strives to serve best the needs our of clients and what you can expect as a client of the firm.

If you have a potential claim and schedule an appointment with our firm, you should be prepared for the initial meeting with your attorney and the staff so we can best serve you.  This is an important step in trusting our office with your claim.

First, we will ask you to tell us about the specific incident that is the basis of your claim.  It is important that you have the crucial details of who was involved, what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and how it happened.

Second, we will ask you to provide us with documentation of your claim.  It is helpful for you to show us pictures of the incident and your injuries.  You should bring any medical records, bills, and receipts that you may have as a result of the incident.  Our office also needs copies of your auto insurance card, health insurance card, and driver’s license.

Third, we will ask you to sign several forms.  Some forms will be medical records authorizations to allow us to request your treatment and billing records.  Other forms will be legal authorizations to allow us to handle your claim.

Fourth, we will educate you on the general process of handling your claim.  This includes what you can expect from our office and what you can do to help us with your claim.  Each claim is different.  We do our best to offer you an individualized approach to the particular facts of your case.

Visit our website next week for part two of the Help Us Help You series.