Help Us Help You: Going to Trial

by Terry Bryant

The Courtroom:  Leveling the Playing Field

The Courtroom: Leveling the Playing Field

This blog post is part eight in an eight-part series designed to help you understand how our office strives to best serve the needs our of clients and what you can expect as a client of the firm.

The eighth step in handling your claim is proceeding to trial.  This is your opportunity to present your case to a judge, if it is a bench trial, or a jury, if it is a jury trial.  Extensive preparation is necessary before the trial begins.

First, the plaintiff and all other witnesses are prepared for trial.  This includes reviewing what to expect in the courtroom and what might be asked of you if you are called to testify at trial.  We draft questions to ask the other party’s witnesses, as well.

Second, our office prepares and marks all exhibits.  During this process, we review all of your medical records and medical bills.  We will also create visual aids, if necessary, to present your case to the judge or the jury.

Third, we review all discovery exchanged between the parties and deposition testimony.  We may file motions in limine if we would like to exclude any documents or testimony during the trial.

Fourth, we review the facts of your case to help us prepare questions to ask potential jurors during voir dire.  Voir dire is the juror selection process that takes place before the trial begins if your case will be tried to a jury.

Fifth, we write an opening statement.  An opening statement is very important because it is our first presentation of your case to the judge or the jury.

After all of this preparation is complete, we are ready to go to trial and submit your case to a judge or a jury.  Even after all of this extensive preparation, your case may settle on the courthouse steps prior to trial.

We hope that the Help Us Help You series has been informative for all current and potential clients of the firm.  Continue to follow our blog posts for other educational material.