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Dogs are man’s best friend, but all dogs—regardless of breed, size, or temperament—can bite at any time and without warning. And when dogs bite, the consequences can be serious. Infection, bleeding, and nerve damage are all common after dog bites, and victims also may suffer from emotional distress after the incident.

When a dog bites and causes injury, the victim may want to consider reaching out for legal assistance. Canines bite millions of people in the United States ever year. However, while most bites are often relatively harmless, there are times when dog bites are painful and severe– even fatal. In these instances, victims should consider contacting a lawyer with experience in these types of cases so that the negligent party can be held accountable.

Dog Bite Cases Can Be Complex

When a dog bites the circumstances can be rather complicated. For example, these types of incidents are often covered by home owner’s insurance plans, meaning that monetary compensation for a victim’s wounds, suffering, and scars may be paid by an insurance company. However, the owner of the plan may be unwilling to work with a victim, even when they have an applicable insurance plan. If the owner of the dog has a policy in place, another issue may arise: the insurance company may fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible, or nothing at all.

Medical Bills

When a dog bites and causes injury, getting medical assistance is important: canine attacks can lead to particularly nasty infections and depending on the severity of the wounds, treatment can become extremely expensive, especially if any reconstructive surgery is required. Canine attacks can be particularly vicious, resulting in disfigurement, puncture wounds, broken bones, and any number of other injuries, and the expenses for treatment can add up fast.

Wage Loss

Hands, arms, legs, and the face are frequent targets when a dog bites. For the majority of workers out there this means that an individual may be out of work for extended periods of time, and sometimes permanently. A canine attack can mean that not only is an individual in a hospital bed accruing medical bills, but also during a time that the victim has no income. As a result, filing a claim can be a financial necessity.

Physical and Emotional Pain

Victims experience non-monetary damages from canine attacks as well. Physical pain and suffering involved with severe attacks may result in a court awarding additional monetary sums for the victim.

Canine attacks can also be extremely traumatic, especially for children. In many cases, victims of canine attacks may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In circumstances such as these, courts may award victims additional sums for their continued emotional suffering.

When To Consider Calling a Houston Dog Bite Attorney

Victims should not suffer in silence, nor should they pick up the tab for someone else’s negligence. If a canine attack happens, don’t wait—a victim who waits too long may have no case at all. By contacting a lawyer for a case evaluation soon after a canine attack, a victim can expect to have every legal option at his or her disposal.

At the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant, we’re familiar with the aftermath of dog bites. If you or your child suffered an unprovoked dog bite, our Houston dog bite lawyers will fight to help you get compensation—call us at (800) 444-5000 or fill out a free initial consultation form. We know this can be a difficult time for your entire family, and we want to help.

Proving Responsibility After a Dog Bite

After a dog bite that wasn’t your fault, you know you need to file a claim, but you may not know how to prove the owner was at fault.

Our Houston dog bite lawyers know what to look for to build a strong case for you, such as:

  • witness accounts of the attack,
  • records of aggressive behavior in the dog,
  • lack of proper fencing or restraints for the dog,
  • documentation of ownership,
  • and more.

Whether you or your child was bitten, don’t wait to get the help you need—contact our experienced attorneys. We know that dog bites can be traumatic, and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

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