Propane Plant Explosion Lawyer

A gas exchange plant is a dangerous place, and if something goes wrong while on the job, it’s time to contact a propane explosion attorney and seek restitution. For anyone who works around combustible fuels like this all day, having a lawyer as an ally can be the difference between being quashed by an irresponsible business, and having the financial strength to recover.

On November 6, an explosion and fire at the AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange in Conroe injured eight workers at the facility.

Fortunately, no one was killed, but two of the workers suffered severe burns, and they will have to travel a long and painful road to get back to normal. Much like those in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer after an unexpected crash, victims of propane explosions require representation. Without a propane explosion attorney, victims like these can be pushed out of the way by negligent companies, and they may never find out the cause of the accident.

In the Conroe AmeriGas incident, the cause of the fire was eventually found. A ruptured line caused a leak that went undetected until a flash fire broke out. Before the emergency shutoff could be tripped, seven people had their lives changed forever. These accidents can happen at any time, and are often impossible to stop without anyone getting hurt. What’s worse, the issues that cause a terrible incident like this are often undetectable by the people in harm’s way. They have to put their trust in the business to keep everything on the level, and when they don’t, disaster may ensue. When that happens, a propane explosion attorney can help figure out what fouled up, and where. Severe burns can cause long term, or even permanent damage that can cripple or disable. Someone who has had their ability to earn for their family destroyed has the right to seek recompense.

A lawyer has many more connections and resources available to him or her when trying to find the source of the problem. They know which experts to call on, and have the prior experience needed to know where to look. Flash fires can occur due to pipe leaks, location of tanks, negligent tank inspections, weather damage to equipment or piping, illegal gas transfers, malfunctioning safety shutoff valves, incorrect pipe diameters, fouled up installation of a system or inadequate above ground piping. A worker isn’t going to have access to all of these areas following an accident, and a police or fire department search may not be as thorough as the victim needs. They are, after all, not getting paid to help the worker out, and just need an idea of what caused the fire. A propane explosion attorney, however, is on the client’s side, and if investigators miss anything, the lawyer and his or her experts will root it out. This is why having a dedicated work injury lawyer can be invaluable in such cases.

How Our Propane Plant Explosion Attorney Can Help

It is crucial that anyone interested in getting a propane explosion attorney on the case do it immediately. There is a limited window of time that an accident scene holds its integrity, and some claims eventually fail because they were filed too late. A lawyer, particularly a worker compensation lawyer armed with all of the facts and knowledge of the field will be able to guide and represent the victim during the process. This can get everything back to normal for the worker as soon as possible.

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