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The spinal cord is what the body uses to communicate with itself. The brain sends and receives signals from all parts of the body by way of the spinal cord. When the spinal cord becomes injured, the potential for extreme debilitation and disability is high. Have you or someone you care about experienced a spinal cord injury in The Woodlands? Spinal cord injury lawyers can potentially help.

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Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

Resources to Rebuild

Many spinal cord injury victims need resources to help them through life in both the short and long term. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, various types of compensation may be available to them.

Work Injury Compensation

Spinal cord injuries sometimes occur in the workplace. When they do, it is typical for workers’ compensation to handle the claim. However, Texas employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation. This means an employee who suffers a spinal cord injury can sue an employer without workers’ comp insurance.

Keep in mind that workers’ comp benefits are limited to economic compensation. Non-economic compensation for intangible harms is not permitted in workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, wage-replacement benefits for time off work are paid at only 70% of your pre-accident wage. So if you made $1,000 per week before your spinal cord injury, you would only get $700 per week with workers comp. If, however, you are allowed to sue your employer, you can pursue full wage-replacement compensation as well as non-economic damages.

Personal Injury Compensation

For spinal cord injuries occurring outside of work, full compensation is available when negligence or some other unlawful act caused the injury. Full personal injury compensation includes:

  • Medical treatment costs, including medical equipment and devices
  • Wage replacement for missed work opportunities
  • Costs associated with home and auto adaptations for disabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You may also be entitled to exemplary damages if your injury was caused by fraud, malice, or gross negligence.

Proving Liability

To access personal injury damages for a spinal cord injury, you must prove liability. For this reason, having The Woodlands spinal cord injury lawyers representing you is essential. The claim you present to the insurance company handling your case must definitively demonstrate the liability of its policyholder. Accomplishing this usually requires a showing of negligence. A party is liable for negligence when:

  • They had a duty of care toward the injured party
  • They breached this duty
  • This breach led to the injury
  • The injury led to compensable damages

These elements of negligence liability are context-specific. In other words, the unique facts and circumstances of each case determine whether negligence occurred.

Traffic Accidents

Negligence in traffic contexts manifests in a variety of behaviors that all violate the duty of care motorists owe one another. Such behaviors include:

  • Failure to pay enough attention to the road (distracted driving)
  • Driving while impaired
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy driving
  • Failure to stop at lights and signs
  • Aggressive driving
  • Following too closely

If your spinal cord injury occurred in a traffic accident, The Woodlands spinal cord injury lawyers must find proof of one of the above-listed behaviors or some other act of negligence.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to negligence on the part of healthcare professionals when treating a patient. Any licensed medical professional whose negligence injures your spine can be held to face allegations of medical malpractice.

Ways in which medical malpractice might lead to a spinal injury include:

  • Misdiagnosis leading to the advancement of a spine-damaging disease
  • Negligent chiropractic care
  • Negligent administration of medication
  • Negligent extraction of spinal fluid
  • Surgical error

Spinal cord injuries can also occur due to negligent physical therapy.

Intentional Violence

Gunshots and other acts of violence cause a large percentage of spinal cord injuries. Victims may sue for being harmed by an intentional tort. If your injury was caused by an intentional act of violence, the state may also take action against the aggressor.


Dangerous works sites are a fact of commerce in Texas. With proper care, workers should be safe from harm. However, third parties often bring risks of their own when they enter a workplace. For example, a drunk or drowsy driver can lose control of their vehicle and plow into a gas station convenience store, injuring the spine of one of the workers there. The injured worker could sue the driver directly for full damages. For cases when a third party is not involved and workers are covered by workers’ comp, the injured worker would file a workers’ comp claim.

Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law has represented spinal cord injury victims in all manner of contexts. However you came to suffer an injury, you can rely on our team to find the culpable parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers to common questions relating to spinal cord injuries and compensation. Please contact our office for more answers and information anytime.

How long do I have to file a spinal cord injury lawsuit?

In Texas, victims of spinal cord injuries must typically take legal action to seek compensation within two years of the act that caused the injury. *However, always speak directly to an attorney to learn the exact deadlines that apply to your potential claims. There are many exceptions and other special deadlines. For example, minors are under different rules and typically have until their 20th birthday to file a lawsuit for damages.

Do I need a spinal cord injury lawyer in The Woodlands?

For spinal cord injury victims in The Woodlands, spinal cord injury lawyers are key in getting the compensation they need. Without an attorney, you are likely to get far less from the insurance company handling your claim. Insurance companies focus their efforts on reducing and denying claims in order to preserve profit. In The Woodlands, spinal cord injury attorneys will fight to make sure you are paid what you are owed.

Will my spinal cord injury case go to court?

Your case could go to court, depending on the circumstances of your accident. However, it is unlikely. Most personal injury cases, including spinal cord injury cases, are settled out of court. If your case must go to court in The Woodlands, spinal cord injury attorneys from Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law will fight for you until the end.

Should I be communicating with an insurance company?

Communicating with an insurance company without the protection of a spinal cord attorney in The Woodlands is very risky. Insurance companies are businesses that are beholden to profits. When an insurance company is faced with a claim for significant compensation, it will have adjusters diligently search for any reason to reduce or deny the claim. Your statements are fair game and can be used to dispute the severity of your injuries and suffering. For this reason, you should let The Woodlands spinal cord injury attorneys handle all insurance company communications on your behalf.

How long will my spinal cord injury case take to resolve?

Every spinal cord injury case is different, even though they share similarities. Because of the differences from case to case, the time to resolution for each claim can vary widely. For example, a case with strong, irrefutable proof of liability will be easier and faster for your spinal cord attorney in The Woodlands to resolve than a case where there are material issues with the evidence. In every case, you can rely on Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law to work diligently to resolve your case quickly without compromising on quality.

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Everyone understands that spinal cord injuries are among the most devastating of all injuries. With paralysis and other neurological effects as consequences, victims have a difficult time working, relating with others, and simply enjoying life. Damages, although no replacement for the past, are a way to help victims and their families heal and rebuild. Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law will fight hard to recover every penny of damages you are owed.

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