Find A Social Security Lawyer In Houston That Can Help File An Appeal

Filing for social security benefits can be an arduous, confusing process, but a social security lawyer in Houston can help.

Some disillusioned applicants whose SSI claim has been rejected one or more times swear it is virtually impossible to be approved for benefits on the first try, no matter the circumstances. True or not, an experienced attorney can assist elderly and disabled claimants in acquiring the financial assistance they are entitled to.

A social security lawyer in Houston can make the SSI claim process easier by negotiating on behalf of his client. Some claimants retain the services of an attorney to help them navigate the governmental system on the first try. Applying for SSI benefits is a complicated process that can be quite overwhelming and intimidating. An experienced social security lawyer in Houston, however, has traveled the course many times, for a number of clients. An attorney is well aware of a claimant’s rights and has the legal knowledge to fight for them.

While obtaining the services of a social security lawyer in Houston can typically smooth the path from the get-go, many adventurous and undaunted applicants decide to give it a try alone on the first go-round, muddling their way through the required paperwork and settling in for the wait, hoping the application will be approved. Then, a rejection letter comes. In such situations, it’s important to remember that seeking assistance from a work injury lawyer can make a significant difference in navigating the complexities of the appeals process and increasing your chances of a successful claim.

Now what?

Statistics show approximately 70 percent of first-time SSI or SSDI applicants are denied. Many are rejected due to a technicality, such as a lack of supporting documents submitted by the claimant or insufficient evidence to prove eligibility. Even if a claimant’s case is strong, the possibility of the application being rejected is high. This is the time when many claimants, now at their wit’s end, reach for the Yellow Pages to find a social security lawyer in Houston.

The best time, in fact, to seek out an attorney is after the initial claim has been denied. Most SSI and SSDI benefits are successfully won in the court room during the appeals process, at a hearing in front of a judge. This is by far the best opportunity for the claimant and attorney, including personal injury lawyers, to argue their case. Frequently, the lawyer will utilize testimony of doctors and vocational experts in an effort to prove his client’s SSI or SSDI eligibility.

Many claims are approved in the appeals process, but even if the judge again denies benefits, a social security lawyer can escalate the case and present it first to the Appeals Council. If the claim is still rejected, the attorney may take the appeal all the way to federal district court. Chances are, however, that the claimant’s case will never go that far with the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in SSI/SSDI claims.

SSI and SSDI applicants should bear in mind that deadlines apply to the appeals process. The window to file an appeal is usually 60 days from the Social Security Administration’s decision to deny the claim. Applicants who decide to enlist the help of a qualified attorney should think about doing so right away to ensure the appeal is filed in a timely manner. Due to a staggering number of claims nationwide, experienced attorneys are often very busy, and it may take some time before they can get to a new case.

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