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Many families have Johnson & Johnson’s baby or body powders in their bathroom cabinets, which makes the recent surge in talc powder lawsuits all the more frightening. There has been a link found between ovarian cancer and powders such as these, when used on a frequent or regular basis for a number of years. When assessing whether or not a suit should be filed on the behalf of a consumer or loved one to potentially receive compensation for their pain and suffering, it’s important to be fully informed on the possible health effects and the types of suits being filed.

What does it mean when it is said that the usage of talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer? This health effect is only applicable to women who regularly apply the product directly to their perineal area or undergarments. Some women do this on a weekly or even daily basis to help keep cool and odor free. Some condoms have been known to be coated with these powders as well, also posing some risk. The potential for talc powder lawsuits stems from those women who use the product frequently and regularly for extended periods of time.

Study Linking Talcum Powder With Ovarian Cancer

The first study to officially link talc-based powders with ovarian cancer was back in 1971, which Johnson & Johnson was aware of and ultimately considered “inconclusive.” Since then, various other studies have been conducted, some finding that the talc in the powder can travel up through the vaginal passageway to the ovaries, lodging in the tissue and potentially causing inflammation or even cancerous tumors. Regardless of these striking concerns, companies like Johnson & Johnson still refuse to put any form of warning or information on their product labels. This means that unsuspecting consumers continue using the product, increasing their risk for ovarian cancer, which is why we are seeing a surge of talc powder lawsuits.

Holding Manufacturers Liable

After seeking medical help, the next concern for most victims is whether or not they will be able to hold the manufacturers liable for the harm inflicted. One option of talc powder lawsuits is the class action suit. Many have already been filed, and this type of suit seeks damages for consumers who purchased the product, not just those who have suffered from ovarian cancer. This suit can be beneficial for individuals who may not have the financial means to file alone. The other option is the individual lawsuit. Individual suits seek compensation that is determined by that individual’s personal losses, whether physical, financial, or emotional in nature.

It is ultimately a company’s responsibility to ensure that the products they are selling are safe to use, and if it discovered that the product may pose a health risk, it is the company’s responsibility to warn the consumer of possible health effects or reactions.

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