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Paraquat Lawsuits

Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or have symptoms of the disease after paraquat exposure? Learn about a paraquat poisoning lawsuit.

Millions of pounds of paraquat dichloride, paraquat for short, are sprayed in the United States each year to kill weeds at farms, ranches, and elsewhere. It is one of the country’s most commonly used commercial weed and grass killers . . . and one of the most lethal. The product is so toxic that it requires special licensing to use and isn’t available to the general public — for good reason.

This dangerous product has been linked to Parkinson’s disease and other serious health problems. Numerous people have died or suffered serious poisoning injury after accidentally ingesting the weed killer through their mouth or skin or by breathing it. Today, liquid paraquat in the U.S. includes a blue dye to help keep people from mistaking it as a drink; it also has an additive in it to cause vomiting if ingested, further showing how dangerous it is. Yet the product continues to be sold in the US, although it is banned in many other developed countries. Innocent people who use it on the job pay the price.

You Could Get Compensation If You’ve Been Exposed

If you’ve been exposed to paraquat and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or are showing Parkinson’s-like symptoms, or if you’ve been otherwise harmed by the chemical, you may be able to get help with medical bills and other costs through a paraquat exposure lawsuit. Call the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant at 855-712-9447 to arrange a free consultation with one of our paraquat lawsuit attorneys.

When wealthy companies make hazardous chemicals that hurt people, we are not afraid to stand up to them. We’ll fight for you if your illness or injuries were caused by paraquat.

Background of the Toxic Chemical Paraquat

Paraquat is a federally regulated herbicide that has been sold to kill weeds and grasses since the early 1960s. It’s also used as a defoliant for cotton and other crops. Because of its toxicity, paraquat is classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a restricted-use pesticide and is only available for agricultural and commercial use. It isn’t available for purchase by residential consumers. Workers who use it are required to complete training to become certified applicators and must be licensed in order to buy and use it.

This chemical has been found to be so hazardous that at least 32 countries have banned its use since it came on the market, including China and nations in the European Union. However, the U.S. has not banned this toxic chemical. In spite of multiple research studies that have connected the chemical to Parkinson’s disease and other risks to people’s health, it is still widely available in this country. In fact, its use is even on the rise, as statistics from the National Water-Quality Assessment Project show. Just 10 years ago, less than five million pounds a year were being used nationwide. Now it is more than twice that amount. While companies that make paraquat increase their profits, more agricultural workers and others are at risk of becoming seriously ill from it.

What Products Contain Paraquat?

There are dozens of commercial herbicide brands that contain paraquat. Gramoxone® is the most popular brand used in the U.S. It is made by Syngenta, a multibillion-dollar agrochemical company. There are also products that include paraquat in combination with other herbicides, such as diquat, simazine, and others. If you’ve used any product containing paraquat in liquid or granular form and your health has been affected, including being diagnosed with Parkinson’s or showing symptoms, we want to help you. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

Does Paraquat Cause Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease that affects the nervous system. Several recent studies have linked paraquat, which damages cells in the body, to Parkinson’s. One of them, the Agricultural Health Study, found that people exposed to paraquat were twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s. Lawsuits are being brought throughout the country that allege this link. If you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s after exposure to paraquat, we can help you discover whether you may have a legal case. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed but are showing symptoms of the disease, we want to learn about your situation. Parkinson’s can be difficult to diagnose until symptoms are well-advanced. It can often be mistaken for other diseases. By learning early whether you may have been affected, you may be able to get a legal remedy sooner.

Common Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include:

  • Tremors or shaking, usually starting in a limb or hands and fingers
  • Rigid or stiffened muscles, sometimes causing pain
  • Slowing movement, including dragging feet and taking shorter steps when walking
  • Impaired balance and posture
  • A decreased ability to blink, smile, and perform other unconscious movements
  • Speech and writing changes.

Don’t delay in contacting the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant in Houston if you believe you are ill after exposure to paraquat. Our law firm is highly experienced at assisting innocent victims of dangerous pesticides in weed killer lawsuits. We want to help you, too.

What Does Paraquat Do to Humans if Ingested?

Ingesting even a small amount of paraquat, whether by accidentally drinking it, inhaling it, or through long-term skin exposure, can be fatal. People who survive poisoning by the chemical may experience damage to organs, the intestines, the stomach, the mouth, and other areas of the body. How bad the damage to the body is depends on the length of exposure, the amount of paraquat, and the route it took through the body.

If you ingested paraquat and were injured, or if you lost a family member from it, we’ll examine your case and explain your legal options. You may be able to file an injury claim or a wrongful death lawsuit, depending upon all the circumstances. Call us today to learn whether you might have a paraquat poisoning lawsuit by dialing 855-712-9447. We provide free consultations.

Paraquat Exposure Lawsuit Attorneys Help Innocent Victims

Lawsuits are continuing to be filed throughout the country alleging a connection between paraquat and Parkinson’s disease. Syngenta, as well as Chevron Chemical and Growmark, also involved in the manufacture of paraquat, have been named in the suits. To learn about filing a lawsuit for your own illness or injuries, contact the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant in Houston at your earliest convenience by calling 855-712-9447. If it appears that your Parkinson’s disease or other injury was caused by paraquat, we will put our significant resources to work toward getting you financial compensation.  

How Much Compensation Can I Get in a Paraquat Exposure Lawsuit?

Compensation in dangerous herbicide cases is based on all the damages involved. Damages are losses you wouldn’t have sustained if you had not used the product and been harmed because of it. Once we understand the details of your case, we can discuss the potential value of what your paraquat exposure lawsuit may be worth.

Here are types of damages you may be entitled to, depending on your case:

  • Compensation for current and future medical expenses, including doctor visits, hospital costs, nursing care, prescription drugs, and more
  • Reimbursement for lost wages and lost earning capacity for the future
  • Payment for your physical pain and mental and emotional suffering
  • Punitive damages if gross negligence against the manufacturer can be proven.

If your family member died because of paraquat, you may be able to get money for funeral and burial costs, medical bills, loss of love and support, pain and suffering, and other damages.

How Will Your Paraquat Lawsuit Lawyers Help Me?

We’ll investigate all the evidence in your case to determine whether you may have been harmed by paraquat. Evidence will include your medical records, how many years you worked with the chemical, how frequently you were exposed to it, whether you were adequately trained to use it, whether you were properly warned about its dangers through labeling, and other factors. 

We’ll also identify and interview experts in the medical field to help us determine whether paraquat may have contributed to your illness. Once we’ve established all the evidence, we’ll pursue compensation from the companies responsible for negligently making this dangerous product that has hurt you and many others.

Sometimes makers of dangerous products are willing to settle product injury cases through negotiations. And sometimes they are not, because they don’t want to admit fault, or they simply won’t offer a fair amount of compensation. If this is the case in your legal claim, we’ll advise you about taking your case to court to be decided by a judge or jury.

We don’t yet know how the paraquat manufacturers and their attorneys will respond to the lawsuits being brought against them. But you can be sure that when we represent you in a paraquat exposure lawsuit, we’ll aggressively stand up for your interests to get you the best possible outcome. 

Call the accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant at 855-712-9447 for a free case evaluation.

Brand Names of Paraquat

If you are concerned about your exposure to paraquat, you may wonder about that brand of herbicide you used. Below is a list of brand names of products that include paraquat. These products are dangerous to use and should include labeling that clarifies they have toxins.

Gramoxone by Syngenta

At the top of the brand list is Gramoxone, manufactured by Syngenta, because it is the most widely used weedkiller product that contains paraquat. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires Syngenta to label Gramoxone as a toxic pesticide. If that isn’t enough to make you concerned, even Syngenta itself makes clear that to use this product you must have get a certification and take required EPA training to apply the chemicals.

Other Brand Names to Know if You Believe You Have a Paraquat Lawsuit

Cap Pelanduk
Dextrone X
Marman Herbiquat
Methyl Viologen Dichloride
Methyl Viologen

Common Questions about Paraquat Exposure and Poisoning

Reach Out to Our Knowledgeable Paraquat Lawsuit Lawyers With Your Concerns

Following are some common questions about how paraquat affects people. If you have questions that aren’t discussed here, reach out to our law firm to speak with one of our experienced lawyers.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, once paraquat enters the body, it causes toxic chemical reactions to occur. These toxic reactions happen mainly in the lungs, liver, and kidneys. If a person survives, it’s likely that the lungs will be scarred and experience long-term damage.

In an acute exposure event, when paraquat enters the body it can cause the kidneys, heart, liver, or other organs to fail. It can cause breathing difficulties that lead to death. The more of the chemical that is ingested, the faster death may occur. With high amounts of the chemical in the body, death can happen in just hours or a few days. In other cases, it can take days or weeks. From long-term exposure, paraquat can cause Parkinson’s disease – a chronic, incurable, and life-changing condition.

Agricultural and commercial workers who spray paraquat regularly have the highest risk of illness from the chemical’s use. But people who live near farms or other facilities that use the toxic chemical may also have been exposed from overspray.

If you believe you ingested paraquat, get emergency medical attention immediately. If a sprayer attachment broke or you otherwise ended up with the toxin on your clothes and skin, remove your clothing. It’s better to cut or tear a shirt off rather that pulling it over your head and risking getting the weed killer in your mouth, nose or eyes. Bathe with soap and water and then get immediate medical help. Rinse your eyes with plain water for at least 10 minutes if they are burning from chemical exposure.

Roundup® weed killer doesn’t contain paraquat. Its active ingredient is glyphosate. Roundup has many issues of its own. It has been connected to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers and has been the target of thousands of lawsuits. Lawsuits that have so far gone to trial have resulted in jury awards in the millions and even billions of dollars. Additionally, Roundup’s maker is providing a $2 billion settlement for future claims.

Why is Paraquat Still Being Sold?

Even though the dangers of the toxic chemical are well-known, the EPA reauthorized paraquat’s continued use during its 2020 periodic review of herbicides and pesticides. The agency reviews these toxins every 15 years. But in spite of a push leading up to the reauthorization, efforts by the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s United Parkinson’s Advocacy Council, farmworker groups and other organizations to have the substance banned were unsuccessful. There was also a bill introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2020 to ban paraquat in the country. Its status is ongoing.

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The accident and injury law office of Terry Bryant is here to help you learn your legal options. Call us today at 855-712-9447 to arrange a free consultation with one of our paraquat lawsuit attorneys. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve if your Parkinson’s disease or symptoms were related to paraquat exposure. And if you were injured through ingestion, we will advise you about your options once we review your case. Being injured by a dangerous and defective product is an upsetting and confusing experience. We want to help you get the money you deserve to pay for all that you are suffering because of your illness or injuries.

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