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Hair Straighteners and Uterine Cancer

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When you get your hair straightened, the smell is powerful, and you can feel it burning on your scalp. The experience lets you know there are strong chemicals involved. If you use hair straighteners, you may be worried that the chemicals in the products might be dangerous. Those worries are well founded, because recent research shows there is a connection between use of hair straighteners and cancer. Unfortunately, some women who use hair straighteners have already been diagnosed with cancer. Are you one of these women?

Who Qualifies for a Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit?

Anyone who regularly uses hair straighteners and has been diagnosed with cancer may have a lawsuit. The harmful chemicals in these products can lead to several types of cancer, including uterine, endometrial, and ovarian. If you have any of these forms of cancer, you may have a hair straightener lawsuit. Any lawsuit involving a hair product company may mean you are taking on a large corporation and its full staff of attorneys. You’ll need a capable attorney with experience in product liability cases who is unafraid of taking on corporate lawyers.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and use hair straighteners, there may be a link between those products and your cancer. Call (713) 973-8888 or toll-free at 1 (800) 444-5000 and discuss your legal options with an attorney at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law.

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Can Hair Straighteners Cause Cancer?

Data From a Recent Study of Women’s Use of Hair Products and Cancer

Recent research indicates there may be a connection between cancer and the use of hair straighteners. The Sister Study was conducted by scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and involved over 50,000 women for a 6-year time period 1. The name reflects the goal of the study. It collected a range of data from women whose sisters had breast cancer. However, the study didn’t focus on breast cancer alone – it also gathered data related to other types of cancer. While our attorneys are not pursuing legal claims involving breast cancer, we are concerned with other forms of cancer among hair straightener users.


The Sister Study was unique because it studied a diverse group of women and included a significant number of Black women. It also gathered data on use of hair products. That data spurred another group of scientists to then focus a different research project on women who were diagnosed with uterine cancer. This study looked at almost 34,000 women and spanned 11 years. This research showed the link between use of hair straighteners and cancer.

Why Should You Hire Our Lawyers for a Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit?

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We know that you have many choices of law firms for your hair straightener uterine cancer lawsuit. When you hire our team, you benefit from our depth of experience and our commitment to our clients. Our attorneys have extensive background in practicing product injury law and handling complex cases. We must prove negligence on the part of the hair straightener manufacturer. Our history of handling similar cases makes us the best option you have for legal representation.

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What Does the Hair Straightener and Cancer Study Show?

Finding the Link Between Uterine Cancer and Hair Relaxers

The focused study of the approximately 34,000 women identified a correlation between uterine cancer and women who often use hair straighteners2. Of the women who used hair relaxers frequently, 4.3% contracted uterine cancer. In the general population, only 1.4% had this form of cancer. The researchers looked for the presence of cancer-causing chemicals in the tissue of the women who used hair straighteners and were diagnosed with uterine cancer. They found the presence of several carcinogens.

Women who frequently use hair straighteners had close to 3 times the chance of developing uterine cancer as those women who did not use these products. “Frequent use” is defined as at least four times per year.

Do You Have a Hair Straightener and Cancer Lawsuit?

You may have an increased chance of success bringing a lawsuit related to hair straightener use and uterine cancer if some of the items listed below apply to you. You do not need to fit all these criteria, but you do need to have been diagnosed with uterine cancer and have used hair straighteners frequently.

  • You have been diagnosed with uterine, endometrial, or ovarian cancer.
  • You have used hair straightener at least four times a year for a minimum of two years.
  • You have used hair straightener during and since adolescence.
  • You applied the hair straightener at home or had it applied in a salon.
  • You may have suffered scalp burns from use of the hair straightener.
  • You do not have a family history of uterine, endometrial, or ovarian cancer.

Call our team about your hair straightener case today at (713) 973-8888. Get your free consultation and find out how we can help you if you have uterine cancer that may have been caused by hair relaxers.

What To Do if You Potentially Have a Hair Straightener Cancer Case

Your first step is to talk to one of our skilled attorneys who has experience with similar product liability cases. You’ll need to act fast, because there is a limited time period in Texas during which you can file a hair straightener cancer lawsuit. At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we know how to litigate complex cases. We will leverage our expertise and strong legal resources to fight for the compensation you deserve.

You can receive compensation for a range of costs, including your medical bills, lost income while you were unable to work, physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Risks of Developing Uterine Cancer from Use of Hair Straighteners

Black Women Using Hair Relaxers Have Higher Risk of Uterine Cancer

Unfortunately, there has been a substantial increase in uterine cancer in the last few decades. The National Cancer Institute collected data showing this increase between 2000-2015 3. Cancer that may have been caused by hair straighteners, the primary victims of cancer are Black women, because they are the group who uses them most commonly. Overall, the study showed that Black women have a higher rate of uterine cancer than other groups.

Uterine cancer rates per 100,000 by race, 2000-2015:

  • Black women – 25.9
  • White women – 11.4
  • Hispanic women – 10.1
  • Asian/ Pacific Islander women – 7.5.

Black women who use hair relaxers and get uterine cancer are likely to suffer from more severe cancer or death.

They are twice as likely to die of uterine cancer than women of other races 4.

Because Black women tend to have lower quality healthcare, overall, the outcome of contracting uterine cancer is bleak. They are more likely to contract uterine cancer, and more likely to die from it. A study regarding breast cancer in Black women shows this trend. Black women die at a rate of 40% more than non-Hispanic White women, despite a slightly lower incidence of the disease 5. This trend points to similar issues related to the cancers that may be caused by hair straighteners, including uterine, endometrial, and ovarian.

Do You Regularly Use Hair Straightener and Have Uterine Cancer?

According to researchers, “regular use” of hair relaxer products is four times per year, or more often. If you use these hair straightening products at least four times in a year, you could be at risk. If you believe you may have cancer, you should immediately consult with your doctor. If you have already been diagnosed with uterine, endometrial, or ovarian cancer and used hair relaxers with frequency, consult with our attorneys at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law by calling (713) 973-8888 to learn about legal options available to you.

Hair Straightening Chemicals Linked to Cancer

What Are Endocrine Disrupters and How Do They Cause Cancer?

Hair straighteners contain a lot of dangerous chemicals and some of them are known to cause cancer. Furthermore, these specific carcinogens are considered “endocrine disrupters.” These types of chemicals interfere with the endocrine system that regulates hormones. That leads to cancers specific to the female body: uterine, breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer. Our team at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law are pursuing legal claims involving uterine, endometrial, and ovarian cancer.

Why are hair straighteners so dangerous? Because the use of hair straighteners can burn or otherwise injure the scalp, the absorption of the carcinogens is a greater risk. The chemicals get absorbed through skin or can be inhaled. Scalp tissue is even more sensitive than skin elsewhere on the body, so chemicals are more readily absorbed. Additionally, the nose and mouth are close to the product, and inhalation of these chemicals is more likely.

Carcinogenic Chemicals in Hair Relaxers

There are several endocrine-disrupting carcinogens that may be present in hair relaxers. Among them are…


According to the American Cancer Society, some keratin hair smoothing products contain formaldehyde, or have chemicals that release formaldehyde 6. Formaldehyde is identified by researchers as a probable carcinogen, and many scientists consider it a known carcinogen.


These chemicals function as preservatives and are known endocrine disrupters. Because parabens are present in many hair relaxers, they pose a danger to women who use these products. In late 2022, medical professionals at the Endocrine Society meeting presented research showing that paraben exposure may promote breast cancer growth in Black women 7. Known endocrine disrupters may cause other forms of cancer, including uterine, endometrial, and ovarian cancer.


One study found that both parabens and phthalates present in hair care products used by Black women are carcinogenic 8. Phthalates are a known endocrine disrupter and therefore may lead to cancers that attack uterine tissue. The research also showed that the earlier in life a Black woman begins to use hair straightener, the more exposure she has to endocrine disrupters, which may increase the cancer risk she faces.

What Does All This Data About Hair Products and Cancer Mean to You?

Several hair relaxer and cancer lawsuits are pending currently, and the number is growing. You may have opportunity to pursue a product liability lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is complex and often requires taking on companies with deep pockets and a deep bench of corporate lawyers. If you want to pursue a lawsuit, your first step should be to talk with an attorney who has experience with personal injury law and who understands product liability laws.

A successful lawsuit will require proving that the hair straightener chemicals caused your cancer and that the company selling the product should bear responsibility for the injuries you sustained.

Our team at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law has the experience and skills needed to take on corporate attorneys when our clients have been injured by use of a product. Count on us to handle the legal battle while you focus on your recovery. We will aggressively fight for the full amount of compensation possible in your case.

You deserve justice. You deserve compensation from the hair relaxer manufacturers responsible for your cancer. Give our attorneys a call today at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free at 1 (800) 444-5000 to discuss your case.

What Compensation is Available in a Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit?

You can pursue a number of “damages,” or costs and losses associated with your case. When you bring a lawsuit related to your uterine cancer and use of hair relaxers, our attorneys will seek all the compensation you deserve. If you tragically lost a loved one to cancer, you also have the option to pursue compensation for damages. However, you must start your case quickly. Texas law establishes a two-year time limit in which a case can be filed (Tex. C.P.R. §16.003) 9.

Economic Damages in a Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

These costs are ones you can easily calculate. They include:

  • Costs for hospitalization
  • Surgical costs
  • Costs for in-home care
  • Transportation costs associated with treatment
  • Costs of medication or durable medical equipment
  • Lost income from when your cancer prevented you from working
  • Future medical costs
  • Future lost income.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages in your hair relaxer lawsuit may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life.

Punitive Damages Against Companies Making Hair Straighteners

Punitive damages may also be available in a case where a hair relaxer product causes cancer. These types of damages are rare and are used only when a manufacturer shows gross negligence, fraud, or malice (Tex. C.P.R. §41.003) 10.

Punitive damages are awarded to:

  • Punish the defendant and send a message to other manufacturers of dangerous hair straightener products.
  • Make the amount of the award significant enough to dissuade other companies from causing similar harm.

What if Cancer Caused by Hair Relaxers Led to Your Loved One’s Death?

The surviving family members can bring a lawsuit that can recover the damages associated with a personal injury case while the loved one was still alive. A wrongful death lawsuit also can pursue lost income that the deceased would have provided to her family. You can also seek damages for the loss of companionship of your loved one who passed away from cancer caused by use of hair straighteners.

Turn to Our Attorneys for Your Hair Relaxer Cancer Case

We Will Use All Our Resources to Fight for You

Now is the time to choose your legal representation wisely. Our skilled attorneys at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law have significant experience successfully handling complex cases. We only take on cases we are confident we can win.

If you believe you may have a legal case, call our team to discuss your use of hair relaxers and your cancer diagnosis. If your loved one died from uterine cancer and you believe the cancer was caused by hair straightener chemicals, you should contact us. It is possible you could pursue a wrongful death claim.

Rely on our expertise; trust in our experience. We know that fighting a serious illness like cancer takes all the energy you have. We understand that contracting a chronic disease when it could have been prevented is heart breaking. We will fiercely pursue all the compensation you deserve for your suffering, your medical expenses, and your financial losses.

Find out if you have a case. Talk to our skilled attorneys at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law. You can trust that our team will put all our resources into seeking justice for you in a hair straightener cancer lawsuit.


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