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Takata airbags have been responsible for hundreds of injuries and multiple deaths in the country. The defective airbags can explode in a crash, sending dangerous and sometimes deadly metal fragments into the bodies of vehicle occupants. Tens of millions of vehicles installed with the airbags have been recalled for fixes. The affected cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are from a wide variety of automakers. While millions have been repaired, there are still many vehicles on the road with the potentially lethal airbag.

If your vehicle was subject to the recall and you were injured, you may be eligible for compensation through a Takata airbag lawsuit. Or if your family member was killed by the airbag, you might be eligible to file a legal claim for wrongful death.

Once we learn the details of your situation, our Takata airbag lawyer from Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law will advise you about your options. Our firm has over 35 years of experience helping people in defective product injury cases. We understand what it takes to be successful in these complex cases. Call us at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000 to arrange a free consultation.

Why Are Takata Airbags Dangerous?

Defective Airbags Can Violently Explode

Takata airbags under the recall use a phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN) airbag inflator. When an accident occurs, the airbags have to inflate in less than a second to protect the driver and passengers. The only way to make this happen is by firing the cushion into the cabin using a combustible propellant. The propellant is housed in a metal canister inside the device compartment and has to do its job precisely, or the device will not work correctly.

However, many vehicles in the country have defective propellant canister and inflator parts. These defective parts can turn a device that is meant to protect people into a fragmentation bomb. When a defective propellant canister activates, instead of firing the cushion, it explodes under high pressure, showering the vehicle cabin with a cloud of razor sharp metal fragments.

Injuries from these fragments can include cuts, bruises, puncture wounds, fractures, facial trauma, traumatic brain injuries, burns, scarring, damaged or lost vision, vocal cord damage, and more. Serious injuries can lead to death.

Defective parts in Takata airbags can turn a safety device into a deadly bomb. Learn about compensation if you’ve been injured by calling (713) 973-8888.

How Much Can I Get from a Takata Airbag Settlement?

Let Our Experienced Takata Airbag Lawyer Advise You

Every case is different. We can’t tell you how much you may get from a Takata airbag settlement until we learn about your case. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get money for your…

  • Medical expenses related to your injuries. Medical expenses in car accident cases involving defective airbags include emergency services, hospital stays, doctor bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, and more.
  • Lost wages when you must miss work because of injuries. If you can’t work anymore or your level of work is reduced, you may be able to get money to compensate you for your lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering. If you’ve been hurt by an airbag, you may have chronic physical pain and ongoing emotional trauma.
  • Scarring and disfigurement. If sharp metal shards traveling very fast hit you in the face, you could have scarring and other disfiguring injuries.
  • Loss of sight, hearing or speech. Losing any of these abilities can make it impossible to work and will impact your quality of life forever.

Additionally, if your family member died due to a Takata airbag, you may be able to get wrongful death damages, depending on your relationship to the deceased. Damages could include:

  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Lost inheritance
  • Lost love and companionship
  • Lost support and counsel
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial costs.

We’ll Fight to Get You the Compensation You Deserve

Our seasoned attorneys understand the pain, anxiety and confusion that accidental injuries cause. These feelings can be even stronger when the injury is from a product meant to keep you safe. One minute you’re going about your business, and the next your life has possibly changed forever. You may wonder where to turn and what to do next.

At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we believe that innocent victims of defective products are entitled to fair compensation. To us, fairness means full compensation for all you have lost because of your accident and injuries. You can trust our Takata airbag lawyer to fight to get you the money you deserve. Call us at (713) 973-8888 today to schedule a free consultation.

Takata Airbag Settlement Funds

The Takata recall according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is the “largest and most complex safety recall in U.S. history.” The cost of the recall caused Takata to go bankrupt. As part of the company’s bankruptcy filing and because of a related criminal plea, two settlement funds paid for by Takata were set up to compensate injured victims and survivors of those killed. They include the Takata Airbag Tort Compensation Trust Fund and the Takata Airbag Individual Restitution Fund.

While you aren’t required to hire an attorney to file a claim under these funds, there are many complex legal issues involved in the filing process. It is highly recommended that you get legal help. If you don’t understand the intricacies of the filing process, you may not get the full benefit of the settlement. Our Takata lawsuit attorney can help you present your claim in the most beneficial way possible.

What Costs Will a Takata Airbag Settlement Cover?

We can also advise you about other options you may have for compensation outside of these settlement funds, including from automakers. Several car makers have set up compensation funds to cover economic losses from the defective airbags. These funds cover such things as towing costs, rental car costs, costs of childcare when you must take your vehicle in to have the airbag replaced, lost wages if you have to take time off work, and other economic losses.

There are deadlines to file these claims. Currently, claims for victims of injuries or death that happened after April 11, 2018, have three years from the date of injury or death to file. Settlements have been closed for injuries or deaths before April 11, 2018, according to the restitution fund website. However, there are exceptions to deadlines, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get accurate deadline information for your individual case. (*Always speak directly to an attorney to understand the exact deadlines that apply to your claims.)

Call us when you have been injured by a defective airbag. We will advise you about all of your options for getting money through the settlement funds or a lawsuit.

What Cars Are Included in the Takata Airbag Recall?

Vehicles from 19 Different Auto Manufacturers Have Been Recalled

This enormous recall replaces front airbags on the driver’s side, passenger’s side or both sides of vehicles. Vehicle models that are subject to the recall, according to Consumer Reports, include:

  • Acura (various models from 1997-2016)
  • BMW (various models from 1999-2015)
  • Cadillac (Escalades from 2007-2014)
  • Chevrolet (various models from 2007-2014)
  • Chrysler (various models from 2005-2015)
  • Dodge/Ram (various models from 2003-2015)
  • Ferrari (various models from 2009-2017)
  • Ford (various models from 2004-2014)
  • GMC (various models from 2007-2014)
  • Honda (various models from 1997-2015)
  • Infiniti (various models from 2001-2010)
  • Jaguar (XF from 2009-2015)
  • Jeep (Wrangler from 2007-2016)
  • Land Rover (Range Rover from 2007-2012)
  • Lexus (various models from 2002-2017)
  • Lincoln (various models from 2006-2012)
  • Mazda (various models from 2003-2015)
  • Mercedes Benz (various models from 2005-2017)
  • Mercury (Milan from 2006-2012)
  • Mitsubishi (various models from 1998-2017)
  • Nissan (various models from 2001-2012)
  • Pontiac (Vibe from 2003-2010)
  • Saab (various models from 2006-2011)
  • Saturn (Astra 2008-2009)
  • Scion (XB 2008-2015)
  • Subaru (various models from 2003-2014)
  • Tesla (Model S from 2012-2016)
  • Toyota (various models from 1997-2016).

Some vehicles are higher risk than others. According to the NHTSA, certain Honda and Acura models from 2001-2003, Mazda B-Series vehicles, and the 2006 Ford Ranger, are at highest risk of air bag explosions that can injure and kill. Owners of these cars should stop driving them immediately and have the airbags replaced.

If you own a recalled vehicle, no matter what make or model, you should have received a recall notice. But if you didn’t receive one and you own one of these makes from the affected years, it’s essential that you do a search with this NHTSA tool using your vehicle’s VIN number to see if your vehicle model has been recalled. If you bought your car used from another party, the notice may have gone to that person. To ensure your safety, don’t delay in checking.

If you were injured by an airbag but not sure if your vehicle was part of this recall, we can investigate for you. We will help you understand whether you have a legal claim, even if you have a vehicle that isn’t part of this Takata recall. Call Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law to learn more. We can be reached at (713) 973-8888.

Second Takata Airbag Recall

Smaller Recall Addresses Defects in Different Airbag

There is also a smaller recall of vehicles with Takata airbags. This recall involves Takata airbags with non-azide driver inflators (NADI). Recalls for vehicles with these airbags were issued in 2019 and 2020. These defective airbags can explode or underinflate in an accident, causing injuries.

Toyota, Audi, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and BMW vehicles are included in this recall. Most of the vehicles are of model years from 1996-2003. Among the over 110,000 BMWs affected, nearly 8,000 have “do not drive” recalls on them. If you’ve driven one of the affected BMWs and were hurt, we can advise you about a BMW Takata airbag lawsuit. When you’ve suffered an injury from a Takata airbag in any car model, we can help you.

Our lawyers will put their skilled resources to work to help you get compensation. We offer free consultations, so it will cost you nothing to speak with us and learn whether you may have a legal claim.

Call us today at (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000.

Preserving Evidence in Takata Airbag Injury Lawsuits

It’s highly important after an airbag injury accident that vital evidence be preserved. Your vehicle and the exploding airbag and its parts, or the airbag that didn’t inflate completely are vital evidence. But it can be hard to save this evidence in the confusion of an accident. If the car is towed away, you don’t know what will happen to it.

If possible, take photographs and video of your vehicle, the airbag, and the passenger compartment at the accident scene. Then call our law firm right away so that we can work to preserve the actual airbag and its components.

Other evidence in Takata airbag injury lawsuits can include police reports, eyewitness statements, expert witness testimony, doctor reports regarding injuries, and more.

Once we have learned about your case and gathered the evidence, we’ll work to prove liability.

In addition to claims against Takata and car makers for defective airbags, if another driver caused the accident in which your airbag inflated, you may be able to hold them liable as well.

Every case is unique. We will carefully examine all the factors in your and work hard toward getting you the best possible result. Reach out to us for help by dialing (713) 973-8888 or toll-free 1 (800) 444-5000.

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Injuries from exploding airbags are often severe. They can require extensive and costly medical treatment. They can be responsible for other losses that can affect you for a lifetime, physically, emotionally and financially. The money you may be able to get through a Takata airbag injury lawsuit won’t take away your pain, but it can relieve financial stress and make it easier to go on with your life.

Call our team at Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law today now to learn how we may be able to help you. Our law firm has decades of experience assisting clients in defective product and car accident cases. We will stand up for your rights when you have been hurt due to no fault of your own.

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